Day 45: Right to Remain Silent

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Become a slave to someone today.
Jen talks about how we can’t be ignored if we adopt the voluntary humanity of Christ towards our neighbors and those non-believers. Do something nice for someone you have been trying to win over for Christ – just because. Show them the love of Jesus and ask for nothing in return.

Day 45: Right to Remain Silent

Though I am free and belong to no one, I have made myself a slave to everyone, to win as many as possible. – 1 Corinthians 9:19

Yes, that’s it. A slave to everyone, to win as many as possible.

This message is for me. This message is for you.

If you’re living in abundance or if you’re living in need.

This isn’t just talking about material things.

It doesn’t matter what your background has been – and I hope that one day some of you may want to share your story to encourage others. Side note: In my opinion, hearing from you about your experiences is what makes these studies more worthwhile. Otherwise, we could all just read on our own and be done.

I will admit to being too busy to be concerned with the needs of others. My first thoughts every day have not been about being a slave to others with no thoughts to my own benefit.

This is not the normal way of life. This is uncomfortable. This is what Christ was talking about. This is what He taught. This is what we are supposed to do if we follow him.

Are we a fan or a follower of Christ?

That is what it comes down to. Do we consider the words and teachings something that we are supposed to do or just read?

We aren’t perfect and we will mess up, but we can surely live differently on purpose. We can begin to live with the intent to win as many as possible.

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4 thoughts on “Day 45: Right to Remain Silent

  1. My nature is to try to put others first, I don’t mind being inconvenienced on behalf of others. This book is showing me that this is not enough. It takes more than just what I have been exhibiting to truly reach lost friends and loved ones. I will have to get out of my rut and make sacrifices. Not just do what comes natural to me with no loss of comfort. Geez…that is going to take guts!


    1. For real!! The things I’m considering for our family are truly going to change our daily habits, our comfort zones and be wayyy out of what has been natural for us. This IS going to take guts! I’m up for it, you?


  2. I think for me, the hard part is reaching out to someone and feeling like you have reached them, only for them to not have changed at all. This was a slap in my face-how many times have I done this to Jesus? I want to remember that Jesus didn’t give up on me, so I must not give up on them. Keep showing love because truly that is what Jesus does for me.

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    1. This is such a hard thing, isn’t it? I struggle with people that we give to and then letting go with no expectations of how they handle the gift. That is between them and God and not for me to worry about. I have been called to take the opportunities that are presented to help and trust that God is doing a work, no matter what happens!


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