Day 44: Offering a Tangible Kingdom

Daily Interrupted Challenge
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My 1 word from Interrupted is: Rethink.


Day 44: Offering a Tangible Kingdom

My favorite part from today’s reading is this:

Believer, your pastor or your church can never reach your coworker like you can. They do not have the sway over your neighbor who has been entrusted to you. No one better than you can love your wayward brother. One decent sermon cannot influence a disoriented person in the same way your consistent presence in her life can. While organized religion provokes mostly skepticism for the average postmodern, a genuine relationship with a Christ follower on mission can reframe the kingdom, making a fresh perspective possible. Then that person discovers that church is not a place you go – it’s a people you belong with. The building is simply the place where you celebrate God together. (Interrupted pg 207)

Amen to that! Church – a people you belong with.

That’s what I want our church to be. And I want so badly for the people inside our church to get that they are making the kingdom impact with those non-believers around them every single day. We are the ones that those have been entrusted to by God.

It is up to us to accept the uncomfortable challenge of being bold and trusting God to guide us in being the church on a daily basis.

Do we leave this responsibility for the Pastor so many times?

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8 thoughts on “Day 44: Offering a Tangible Kingdom

  1. Mercy….I want to show mercy like God with all of us. What I’m learning is that I am to be God to everyone I see, meaning that they should see him in me in ways that will draw them closer and not make them feel inferior.


  2. Yes, unfortunately we do typically leave it up to the pastor and not take responsibility ourselves.

    It is like the parent that expects a teacher to shape their child during school when it has to be the parents’ duty to show their own children the correct manners, morals, etc. We can’t rely on the pastor to shape our lives when he only gets 1/2 an hour of our time once per week. We have to take the gospel into our own homes and to our neighbors and coworkers by the lives we live every day. Not just a sermon on Sunday.


  3. How true it is that church is not just one day a week. It has to be every day and every minute. My word I would use is faith. ….I thought I trusted the Lord enough, and he keeps showing there is new stuff and new things I need to trust him with. I have to put all my faith in him amd believe, not just do it because I know it is the right thing to do and that is what I have been taught.

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  4. Action. We’ve been enlightened, we agree that we should change and most of know what and how to change. Now it’s up to us to take action. If we don’t take action, nothing will change.

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