Day 43: Mission…al?

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Pay attention to your mission field today. Where has God placed you and who are you supposed to influence in your daily walk?

Day 43: Mission…al?

Are you a teacher? Your school is a mission field, plain and simple. Business leader, the principles of cultural immersion are absolutely the front door to reaching your colleagues. Stay-at-home mom, the community of mothers raising littles is special – connect with other women intentionally during what can be a lonely and isolating season. Students, you are surrounded by peers hungry for salvation and purpose but deeply cynical about the church; developing language to introduce them to Jesus is noble and urgent.


Missional at its core means “sent.” It is the opposite of “come to us.” So many believers have selected their concept of the Great Commission – they read, “Make disciples of all nations,” but neglect the prerequisite instruction: “Go.”


(Interrupted pg 199)

There’s so many other parts of today’s reading that sticks out to me, but this part above is core to what Interrupted is all about.

Yes, living out our calling to help the poor, the hungry, the widows – that has its place and cannot be ignored if we call ourselves Christians.

But, part of living out what Jesus Christ asked us to do is being relevant and intentional in the places he has put us – on our job, in our neighborhoods, in our schools.

Are we living lives that focus on these things, or are we more focused on our own goals and ambitions? I want to reevaluate my goals for 2015 and put more of an emphasis on these things than on what I want to accomplish for myself or my family.

I fully believe that once this becomes core to who I am, all of the other things will come in God’s time. Those others things might even take on a new meaning and purpose.

How about you? What looks different in your life and your goals?


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2 thoughts on “Day 43: Mission…al?

  1. After our journey over the last few months, I know my goals for 2015 will be very different than years past. My thoughts and prayers are focused on others more often than on me and mine. I know God will be pleased when I focus on pleasing Him and helping others.

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