Day 41: Brandon’s Take

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Turn Giving Into a Habit
I heard someone in our study talk about how they were going to begin collecting items for our local homeless shelter on a regular basis. Their plan was to keep a bin at home and try to put 1 small item a day into the bin. It may be a pair of gloves, an extra toothbrush, a bottle of shampoo. Their goal is to collect 1 item a day for the entire year of 2015 and take it to the shelter once a month. It doesn’t have to be a big item, it could be a can of soup, anything! The point is to make giving a part of their everyday life and for it to become a habit. I love this idea!

Day 41: Brandon’s Take

For the first time in our lives, we weren’t trying to create our own opportunities, we were simply trying to respond to the Spirit’s leading. That created a very uncomfortable season of waiting. (Interrupted pg. 185)

Are we busy going about creating our own opportunities, or are we spending time everyday with God and living so that we respond to His leading?

Tough question.

And uncomfortable place to be.

God, help each of us to be more about Your leading and less about our own opportunities. Help us to live out Your Word, every single day. Amen!

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2 thoughts on “Day 41: Brandon’s Take

  1. What caught my attention in Brandon’s Take is that he said it’s about putting hands and feet to the gospel – our hands and feet. Too many times we are waiting on others to “do something”, when all along it’s us who should be doing something. I want no regrets. I’m trying to listen closely to be sure I don’t miss my calling.


    1. Isn’t that so true – the hands and feet. We’ve seen in ministry for so many years how there are very few that are willing to be the hands and feet. I don’t want to sit back and wait on others. Called has called me to a new passion for serving – to not focus so much on pleasing those inside the church, but to make a difference in those that need to see the love of Jesus. It is a fine balance. There are things that God calls each of us to do – inside and outside the church.


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