Day 40: 10 Days Left!!

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Just read.
Use today to catch up and let the perspectives from this book soak in. Write in your journal. Talk to God about how you’re feeling. I was thinking today about how ironic it is to read this book going DIRECTLY into the holidays. Kinda makes you think about things differently, huh? It does for me.

There’s not a day that goes by lately that I don’t think about how I spend my days, my time, my resources, my energy. Am I living out the instructions from Jesus? God, keep this in front of me each day. Don’t let it become just another thought that I let pass away. Don’t just let me talk the talk, or think the thoughts, but let me walk the walk. Change me, change my heart, oh God!


Day 40: Share, Provide, Clothe, Shine

We’re heading towards the end, friends! Only 10 days remaining and our study of Interrupted will be completed.

Today Jen shares specifically about how they reached out to the postmodern population.

My point is that this posture toward a city bears a meaningful witness to the skeptics, nonbelievers, and anti-organized-religion population. What mail-outs, cold invites, media, and strategic marketing are still struggling to do, relationships through justice are accomplishing. It will disappoint the average consumer Christian, but it might be our only hope to convince the lost. (Interrupted pg 180)

Relationships! Yes, going to the lost, serving alongside of them, building the bridge – it works when other typical “come to church with me” invites don’t!!

The part about disappointing the average consumer Christian – that sticks out to me in a major way. The average consumer Christian may not get why it matters so much to get our hands dirty and to live a different life. They may want to stay comfortable.

A good friend has always said to me: “I’m willing to disappoint you in order to obey God.”

Believer, your life is too essential to waste on pettiness or word wars, greed or ladder climbing, anger or bitterness, fear or anxiety, regret or disappointment. Life is too short. (Interrupted pg 182)

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2 thoughts on “Day 40: 10 Days Left!!

  1. The longer I live, the less I care to listen to skeptics. There will always be the ones who tell you ” it won’t work”, or “why bother”. Even it it only matters to one, it is worth it. Even if only you and God know that it matters, it is worth it.


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