Day 39: Mission POSSIBLE!! YOU can do this!!

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Call a widow. Show him or her some LOVE today!!
I was completely inspired by something my dad did this week. We have a growing group of widows at our church that are really starting to lean on each other in times when they are lonely and need a friend. It is beautiful seeing the friendships blossom from these ladies that are so incredible to our church. Dad got his bowtie on, took them to breakfast, and then to the mall to have their photo taken with Santa! He is living out a part of what we are instructed to do – take care of the widows! How about surprise a widow today with a smile, a visit, a call, a card. Be the hands of Jesus to those that are lonely.

Day 39: Mission POSSIBLE

I absolutely love this line:

We are sent people – missionaries in our neighborhood, our kids’ schools, our community, our gym (okay, that was a lie), our favorite restaurants. (Interrupted pg 173)

AND this line:

…the only bridge…was through sustained, genuine relationships. Care of our fellow man, locally and globally, was our best hope to attract people to our Jesus, far more effective than cool music or impersonal mail-outs. (Interrupted pgs. 173-174)

OK – one more for today:

Church, what if we really loved our neighbors and offered a safe place for community in our homes, showing them church rather than just inviting them to one? (Interrupted pg 175)

Who else wanted to shout after reading that last line??? Ooooooh Meeeeeeee!!!

YES, what if we starting living the church OUTSIDE the church walls and reaching those that won’t step foot inside the 4 walls we invite them to? What if?

I just can’t quote enough from today’s reading. I hope that these words flew off the pages for you and that the message of this book is starting to soak in.

…people are truly the church. They are its life and breath and strength. It is you. It is me. The kingdom advances in our small neighborhoods and small acts of love and small moments of faithfulness and small feats of courage. It is not encapsulated in programs and top-down structures but activated through the body of Christ daring to be faithful everywhere we’ve been planted. (Interrupted pg 176)

And as she stated at this end of today’s reading, there is no perfect church. Don’t think that by reading this book your church has got it all wrong. That would be the worst thing to take away from your new perspective. The thing God wants from all of us is this: to start changing things. In our neighborhoods, in our communities, in our homes, in our families, in our churches. He wants to start a fire in our souls where others around us will help to fan the flames and help it grow! It is you. It is me.

Let’s do this!! YOU can do this. Start small and watch God explode in your life!

Who else was pumped by today’s reading? I love hearing from y’all, in case you didn’t know 🙂


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2 thoughts on “Day 39: Mission POSSIBLE!! YOU can do this!!

  1. Even something so small as encouraging the heart of a widow matters. Giving them something to smile about is such a huge investment. Many of these widows in our church are recently widowed – I know their hearts are hurting and there are so many days when they are so lonely that they never think they will be able to move on. I am so glad to see them band together to share a laugh!


    1. Yes, it is so encouraging to see how God is moving in this small group that needs one another and the love of those around them. Something so small can make such a difference in letting them know someone cares!


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