Day 38: Change

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Give a random act of kindness today.
It doesn’t matter how big or small. Go out of your way to make someone smile today.

Day 38: Turn and Face the Strange Ch-Ch-Changes

Jen describes today the difference between the modern and postmodern worldviews. I actually enjoyed reading about something I knew nothing about before reading this book.

I can absolutely see how the church can become irrelevant to a generation that has such different worldviews than what we may have of our own.

It is always a good thing to learn about a different worldview than your own. I can remember in college learning about world religions during a study trip. We studied the Hindu, Muslim and Buddhists faiths. My eyes were opened to how these people were so passionate about what they believe and yet how they still were able to get along with each other in society. They respected each other, they loved each other. But, they were so very different in their worldviews.

It is so easy to stay within our bubble and just get comfortable sharing life with those that think and live like us. Don’t you ever become tempted to just go the other direction when confronted with someone who believes differently than you? I do.

How can we witness to them if we run and go the other way?

God, open our eyes as we learn about what others around us believe and how they may think. Help us to show Your love and grace in every conversation that we may have. Help us to stay true to Your Word in all things. Guide us as we learn and let us hear what You have to teach us so that we may reach others.


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4 thoughts on “Day 38: Change

  1. I also enjoyed today’s reading. I haven’t ever stopped to think how the younger generation views the world or how the perceive the church should interact with the world. Great read and great blog!


  2. I also tend to surround myself with friends of like faith. In my job, I do work with people of many different faiths. While I can’t really say a lot at work, I do stand firm on my beliefs and show others how much I depend on God for direction in my life. I do need to find ways and places to share my faith.


    1. On your job is the perfect place to live a life that reflects Christ without saying a word. Your actions, words, reactions, and conversations can all mirror a life that can lead others to Jesus!


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