Day 37: WHAT did she just say??

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Write down 5 names of people in your life that need Jesus.Now, start praying for them. Invite them to coffee. Take them to lunch. Call them on the phone. Build a bridge. Don’t force Jesus on them. Show His unconditional love and let them see His light shining so brightly in you, that they can’t help but notice something is different. Listen. Be a friend. Ask God to use you in a different way than you’ve ever been used before in your life.

Day 37: A Modern Mess

WHAT did she just say in this chapter?

Don’t be discouraged by all the modernism, enlightenment, worldview, missional speak.

In my personal opinion, I believe Jen is saying in this chapter that the church we now are part of in our current society was formed during a time in history when modern convenience and knowledge were taking over. We wanted to grow fast, learn more, prove science and make our lives easier.

All of this is great – as a matter of fact, God allowed every bit of it to happen.

In this great movement, did we lose the heart of what Jesus came for and what God intended the church to be? Maybe so.

Does that mean that every church has missed the mark? Absolutely not. There are great churches all over the world doing incredible works for the Kingdom.

Do we have room to improve? Absolutely.

Can it begin with me and you? You bet.

I want to be part of a church that lives out the Bible. I don’t want to only live out the parts that are convenient for me and my family. My eyes are being opened to how God wants us to be different and unique. I personally don’t want to work towards the “American Dream” anymore.

I want my life and the decisions I make each day to make a difference. I also want to be part of a community of believers that are working together to impact those around us. Going to church is no longer just about, “What can I get out of the service today?” It is so much more.

What did you think about today’s chapter?


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2 thoughts on “Day 37: WHAT did she just say??

  1. For some time now I have been writing down names of unsaved lived ones, and the unsaved loved ones of my friends. I’ve been praying specifically for their salvation. I will keep praying for these individuals until I see them saved. So many of our families and friends are hurting and they need Jesus.


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