Day 36: Ignorance is not bliss

Daily Interrupted Challenge
Write down your answer to this question: Why is the church so easily ignored when we’re supposed to be the arm of Christ?
Think about ways that you’ve experienced those that have turned away from the church, those that don’t want to hear the message of Jesus Christ and how you might be able to change that in your own personal walk.

Day 36: Ignorance is not bliss

This part stuck out to me today:

A growing church can quickly become distracted with the necessary business of things and miss the whole point, even annihilate the point, jeopardizing its DNA along the way.


This temptation isn’t exclusive to church. If all of us are not careful, priorities can shift to chasing growth or success at all costs. (Interrupted pgs. 157-158)

How many times does our human nature take over and cause us to become crazy people??

All too many times for me.

We push to do more, be more, have more people, have bigger buildings, get a better job, get a bigger house, etc. And somehow in this process our DNA is jeopardized along the way. We lose sight of our purpose and the whole point: to tell others about Jesus Christ and show His love, all to impact the Kingdom.

I do believe that this isn’t how we WANT to behave, it just happens before we even realize what’s going on. We have great intentions, but lose our focus in the midst of everyday life.

What can we learn from King David today? Jen said that he constantly invited God to search his heart and the hidden motives within as he led the nation of Israel.

As we lead our own lives, our families, our churches – how about we do the same thing? Today, I want to invite God into those deep dark places and ask that He reveal to me what needs to change. I believe He is faithful to do this.

It’s 1 Word Wednesday and my word is: Search

Psalm 139:23
me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts.

What’s your 1 word today? I’d love to know how I can pray for you.


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6 thoughts on “Day 36: Ignorance is not bliss

  1. Save….I keep going back to this word, so many people in my life need a touch from the Lord and it is hard to watch them struggle physically and mentally and spiritually. They are lost and need to be saved. So I want the Lord to continue to move in my life that these loved ones may find Him.continue to heal my life that I might be used Save others.


    1. SUCH a wonderful word! I just read the chapter for tomorrow and your thoughts on this go so well with what Jen is trying to get across. There are so many around us that need Jesus. Yes, God move in our lives in such a way that we can be used to go wherever you put us – all for Your glory!


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