Day 35: Isaiah, Alan, and Me

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Ask and listen.
I’ve been trying to listen more in life. It helps to ask questions – and then sit still and shut up. Find someone in your path today and genuinely ask how they are doing. Wait. Don’t speak. Give them a chance to exhale and just be the listener. See what God wants to do in your life and those around you today!

Day 35: Isaiah, Alan and Me

Doesn’t this chapter make you want to open your Bible and read Matthew 25 and Isaiah 58? Me too. That’s what I’m going to do today. I’m going to highlight, make notes, and see what God wants to say through His Word.

Side note: I’m laughing about how Jen and her friends started a study and then changed because of depressing repetitions – ha! Even the pros have a hard time on studies with friends!! 🙂

Comment below if you have a chance and let us know what sticks out to you today from the Bible!


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2 thoughts on “Day 35: Isaiah, Alan, and Me

  1. Chapter 25 sums it up…..what are we doing for others, are we using our talents to serve others?? God rewards faithfulness and he expects us to bear fruit!


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