Day 34: Are y’all still there?

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Comment on this blog and say, “Hi!” just to let me know you’re still here.
It’s the holidays and I KNOW things are crazy. I would love to know who is still reading. There were 4 of us that logged in to read on Sunday. Anyone there?

Day 34: Free

God has every detail of our lives in the palm of His hand. There is nothing too big or too small for Him.

It was beautiful seeing how God orchestrated exactly where He wanted Jen and Brandon to be in their new church plant. He brought together the people, the resources, the prayer team…everything! All in His time and in His way.

Do you have a time when God showed up in your life and you knew that HE was the only explanation for what happened?

Remember this section about our testimony from Draw the Circle?

…Revelation 12:11 places such importance on sharing testimonies. And maybe that’s why the enemy wants us to keep our testimonies silent.


“They triumphed over him

by the blood of the Lamb

and by the word of their testimony.”


When God answers a prayer, no matter how big or small, we need to share it. It’s a stewardship issue. If we don’t turn the answer to prayer into praise, it may very well turn into pride.


[Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson, pg 176]

I’ll start – today I left church feeling stressed and a bit defeated. The worship was stale, the music was messed up while the choir sang and I just didn’t feel like I did much of anything as a worship leader. I’ve come to learn that I have to let it go, but that is sooo very hard emotionally.

Right after lunch, one of the choir members sent a message letting me know that one of our worship songs was EXACTLY what she needed today. Her encouragement came right at the moment I needed it the most. God is like that.

I’d also like to share about 2 girlfriends in my church. They are both reading this study and have each stepped into roles outside of their comfort zones to serve in our church. No one asked them, no one even hinted…they just said, “Hey, I think I’m supposed to be doing this!” This makes my heart jump!! God is forming a mighty move through simple everyday decisions to change the way we pray and live our lives. Revival begins with me and you!

Thank you, Lord – for giving us small glimpses of Your hand at work in our lives!

Now, your turn:

15 thoughts on “Day 34: Are y’all still there?

  1. Hi, I’m still here. I was thinking yesterday how God is answering prayers by having those two young ladies step up and take on responsibilities in the church! The God part is that no one asked them. The other thought I had was the impact of this study – it is definitely making some of us take an inventory of our lives and I’m afraid most of us find ourselves coming up a little short on commitment. They both picked something that they are just perfect for, I’m so sure that both will thrive in these positions and that in turn will inspire others to find their niche. Even if this particular study only touches your life and one or two other lives, it has not been in vain.

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    1. Thank you for these reminders, mom! Such true words. And it is so beautiful to see the changes right before our eyes – in our family, in our church, in our neighborhood! God is moving and working and we are ready to say YES!


  2. Hi Starr! I know this is my first post with this study. We are out here with you and still reading. Remember that part Jen was talking about their journey where God was silent and now it was just time to Trust and GO! This might be your little journey. Because we all feel the anointing in you and God is using you. Faith is sometimes built greater in the dark when you can’t see where to step. We Live and Believe in you Starr! Just close your eyes and listen! Your Heavenly Father does also.


    1. You are so right about that. This study has been tough. Even though Jen said in the beginning, “Don’t you for one minute read this and feel like you’re alone in this journey!” Well, I’ve been letting myself do that and I have to STOP it! I know that there are so many that are getting this new perspective and that we are making it together! Thank you for commenting – I wasn’t sure if you guys were still in the study or not 🙂


  3. Amen to Melanie’s comment. Two things struck me about today’s reading.

    1. Love the word “cross-denominational.” Just participating in a local community outreach for the second year which joins churches to meet the needs of ALL. Love the thought of denominational barriers coming down.

    2. I love how God uses the journeys of others to cement within us a rock solid surety of His faithfulness. When we see Him working in others, it builds OUR fath. It’s why we need to be more vocal about everything He’s doing in our lives, whether it’s in the highs or the lows.

    Thank you, Starr, for being used as the vessel to spur us on! ❤️


    1. I loved that part about cross denominational too – where she said they signed papers for one denomination in the offices of another and enrolled in training with another!! That’s how it should be for us all – oh that the lines would be blurred and we would come together for the cause of the Kingdom! Thank you so much for commenting, Tracy!


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