Day 33: Need to Know Basis

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Start a prayer jar.
Keep small pieces of scrap paper in your kitchen on the counter or your living room coffee table. Jot down prayers that you have. There’s power in going back to read those prayers in days to come.

This part here:

Perhaps this applies to you, too, good reader.  God may be leading you away without a clear final destination yet. As maddening as that is, could it be that He needs you to release what was before you can appropriately grasp what will be? Could it be that you might accidentally squash the lovely vision if you obtain it too soon? There is a horrid beauty in following God slightly blind. The victory later is sweeter, the prize more valuable than breath. (Interrupted pgs. 140-141)

Are you there too? I am.

God, help me today to release what was so that I can appropriately grasp what will be. Help me to follow You, slightly blind. I want that, God!

How about you?


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4 thoughts on “Day 33: Need to Know Basis

  1. I want to have God to be in every thought, every decision, every day, all day. Since we started our prayer challenge over three months ago, I find myself seeking God’s direction much more often, asking him to consume me with desire for him. It works!

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    1. I have found that the busyness of this season makes it so difficult to focus. But, God is able to consume every part of us so that the mundane things of life – riding down the road, singing in the shower – all of those things can become times when we focus on HIM! I know people are struggling to read and keep up with this study during the holiday season and I’m so thankful for those that have stuck it out and that are commenting to let me know you’re still here 🙂


  2. This book is partially like Jen is in my head and heart. And partially it scares me…

    I did get behind in reading and commenting. But the thoughts presented in the readings have been on my mind…


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