Day 31: Last Day before Break!

Note: We have a 3 day break on the study starting tomorrow – wooohoooo!! No blog updates for Wed, Thurs, or Fri. We will resume with day 32 on Sat, Nov 29. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Find a friend to share your Interrupted thoughts with over Thanksgiving.
Have you discussed what you are learning so far from our study? Do you want to get a different perspective? Find someone over the Thanksgiving break to chat it up with. Maybe they will want to borrow the book when you finish 🙂


Day 31: New

Today’s reading is the end of Phase 3 in the book. Jen and Brandon have finally come to the realization that God has a new vision and new path for them to take. It certainly wasn’t an easy transition and they still had so many questions ahead.

I love this: They felt the question being asked by God was simply, “Will you go?” and they said, “YES!”

They didn’t know the specifics or the plan. They just wanted to go wherever He was sending them. That’s all God is asking of each of us. He is asking us to go.

I also love this one line that is hidden on page 127:

Each one of us, as it turns out, counts as the least.  We all bear the image of Christ, no matter how devalued we feel. (Interrupted pg. 127)

If for one minute we try to box in or stereotype “the least” – we will get it wrong. It is all of us. And no one can be ignored. Not our neighbor, not our family, not our co-worker, not the homeless, not the widow.

Everybody. Everywhere. We all count.

In contrast to God’s perfection, we are all the least, each and every one, identified entirely with a Savior who loves us recklessly. (Interrupted pgs. 127-128)

I’m so thankful for a loving Savior, aren’t you?

I’m thankful that He creates a desire in us to not settle for ordinary. I’m thankful that He surrounds us with friends on this journey – even in the tough situations, uneasy convictions and flat out days of feeling like we aren’t cut out for this.

Thankful, and uncomfortable.



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3 thoughts on “Day 31: Last Day before Break!

  1. Amen! Amen! We think sometimes the “least” of these looks like poor and needy, but this is not always true either. God has opened eyes in another way this week. Ignorance- Lord help us. Those at the top of the ladder are hurting too! I was so focused on helping in the shelter and getting shoe boxes out amd he said to me- look to your right and left. Some people aren’t so hard to find. They are locked in their own “jails” hurting. I want to the Lord to continue to make me uncomfortable!!


    1. That’s what this is ALL ABOUT, Melissa!! Yes, the hurting and needy are ALL AROUND US! At the shelter, at the office, in the neighborhood, in our church. Lord, open our eyes. Help us find YOU and show Your love like never before!


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