Day 30: Brandon’s Take

Daily Interrupted Challenge:
I dare you to stop your busy life today for 5 minutes. Sit alone. You and God. Ask Him what all this Interrupted mumble jumble means for you. THEN – start LISTENING. God may not show you immediately, but He is faithful to answer.


Day 30: Brandon’s Take

Do you ever feel alone? I was reminded recently about a time when my family felt very alone and broken. It was a hard place that no one wanted to be in. God brought people into our lives that wrapped their arms around us, no matter what. And we knew that God was still there – He still had a purpose through our mess – turning it into His Message.

When God sends us on a new and uncomfortable journey, it can be very lonely at times. Naturally, we want others to jump in the boat with us. Sometimes they will. But, sometimes God may want us to come on before others join – maybe even walk on the water out to meet Him!

I like to plan for the future. I’m a big picture, vision kind of person. I don’t care too much for the details, but I do like to know what is ahead and a goal to work towards.

One of the scariest things ever is to start a journey blindly. Has God ever sent you on a journey where you didn’t know the destination? Geeeez, maybe you didn’t even know the turn-by-turn directions!

God can show off in our lives and receive the most glory, when it all depends on Him being in the driver’s seat – destination unknown.

…I discovered the journey was not only about something new but also about being willing to go, even before we knew where we were going. (Interrupted pg 123)

Whatever God is speaking to you during this season, know that you are not alone. He is moving in so many of us that are reading this book. He is challenging the way we think, the way we live, the way we serve, the way we talk.

There is nothing in our lives that is off limits with God.

He owns it all. He is the Creator. We are made in His image and He is searching for a willing vessel.

Will it be you?

If you’re brave enough, encourage someone below by sharing a glimpse of what God is stirring inside of you.



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6 thoughts on “Day 30: Brandon’s Take

  1. I have more of my Christian journey behind me than before me but that doesn’t lessen my desire to do more through Christ. I may not have such an evident push from The Lord like Brandon and Jen had but that won’t stop me from doing my part to show the love of Christ to others who may have lost hope or never heard of the saving grace of Jesus Christ. I want God to give me a boldness like I’ve never had before.

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  2. It doesn’t matter when we start – God can raise up a mighty revival ANYTIME! And it can begin with you and me. It just takes someone that says, “YES, Lord – send me – I will go!” I want a new boldness too!! Love you!


  3. I am stepping WAY out of my comfort zone getting early on a Saturday( I don’t do early any more) and going to the homeless shelter to help serve breakfast this Saturday.

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  4. I am not sure where He is leading me at this point. But I do feel I am being pulled. I sat here today listening to family and realized I had nothing in common with them. It was an awakening feeling..

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    1. God is surely leading and I’m certain that you will follow! The Lord is faithful to put us exactly where He wants us to be!! I know what you mean about an awakening feeling. God is good at doing that 🙂


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