Day 28: What is poor?

Saturday, Nov 22 – Daily Interrupted Challenge
Gather 1 thing you aren’t using in your home to give away.
It can be a pair of socks, a shirt, toys, whatever. Don’t think you have to fill a bag – start with 1 thing. Find someone that needs what you have.


Day 28: Poor People

Today Jen shares how their family started really getting out there – and it was awkward and weird.

I love her raw emotion of how uncomfortable life was getting – and how hard it was.

This is hard for all of us to wrap our hands around – no matter what. I asked a good friend about the study last week. This was her honest response:

Ok. So here’s another thing…right now in my life I feel so overwhelmed sometimes, well all the time. There’s a lot going on in our family life between my kids and my husband’s long work hours. Sometimes I just feel stuck. So when I read The High Horse chapter, it makes me want to go do things for others, but I feel honestly I don’t have the extra time. Maybe that’s just selfish. I don’t know. And trying to get finances right make it hard to donate or buy things extra for others.

How many of us have felt the exact same way while reading this book? YES! I’m the leader and this is hard for me. I have great intentions and then the hours get away from me and I don’t get to the things I really want to do. (Like sending this devotional at 9am because I fell asleep last night instead of writing and just flat didn’t get up early this morning either!!)

I’m learning that this is more than all of that. I’m learning that this can be a change in our hearts. A change in our perspectives. God really can help us to read His Word differently than we ever have before! The words can take on new meaning.

And I believe with all of my heart that if we desire to let God in and have His way – He will begin to show us simple opportunities to help serve others. He will make a way for change in our lives.

…I can’t unknow what I know, and I can’t unsee what I’ve seen; it leaves me aching. (Interrupted pg 112)


We looked each other in the eyes, and we were the same – fragile humans who are patterned after Jesus, which makes us all beautiful. We’re all poor; I just have more stuff. My affection for them became my offering, far more important than the food or clean socks I brought. A hot meal can’t hold a candle to a real friend. Jesus ignited a love for people that burned white hot, a growing inferno out of the tiny spark He’d started earlier. (Interrupted pg 114)

Jesus, start a fire in my soul!

Do you feel overwhelmed and stuck? You’re not alone. We are all in this together and there is a purpose for God opening our eyes and our hearts. Thank you for taking this journey with us!



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6 thoughts on “Day 28: What is poor?

  1. Starr, the one thing I keep telling Melissa( side note Melissa is my daughter) all JESUS is looking for is a willing vessel. This willing vessel first opens their heart to hear him say feed my sheep and them opens their eyes to see all the sheep that need to be fed. First and foremost you need that willing vessel. This book is showing me I haven’t been to good at being willing.


    1. Your words about a willing vessel have been on my mind since reading your comment yesterday. They stood out as I read the chapter for today and as I wrote the blog. I also started reading Christine Caine’s book Unstoppable and that same theme rang true – be a willing vessel. Be ready! Once we show up for class, God will give the assignments. Thank you for sharing!


  2. I can’t quite stay on track with doing the assigned action items on the same day that you ask but I WILL do them! This afternoon I did something out of the ordinary by spending time with family and friends to work on ornaments to exchange for a Christmas focused on scripture. Tonight we lit a lantern to float in the sky in memory of Great. I purged a little by sending batteries to be recycled ( or disposed of responsibly) – I’ve collected them for years, under my kitchen sink- in empty juice containers! Tomorrow I will recycle something else at our ladies meeting, I’ve been gathering old guideposts magazines, reader’s digests and other magazines. I plan to share them with the ladies group to see who might want to read them and then pass them on for others to enjoy! This is fun!


    1. It doesn’t matter when you do what! All that matters is that you are DOING SOMETHING! That is the point 🙂 Great examples of the little things we can do to make a big difference! Thank you for being a vessel that shows the love of Jesus – intentionally. Yes, this is fun 🙂


  3. I am questioning where I am. Spirtiually. Mentally. Even physically. This book has opened my eyes quite a bit. Some things I was already wondering. Others I thought I knew. I’ve been on the perimeter. I thought I was involved. But was I really?

    So many questions…


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