Day 25: HALFWAY!

Wednesday, Nov 19 – Daily Interrupted Challenge
Open Up the Bible and Read: Matthew 25
Jen’s chapter today revolves around Chapter 25 of Matthew. There is no book as important as God’s Word. I encourage you to never replace your Bible reading with any book – Christian or not. There is no replacement for the Word – it is living and can change your life. God is faithful to make the words come to life and jump off the pages. Even if you’re behind on your Interrupted reading, go ahead and cover Matthew 25 today – it can’t hurt one bit! 🙂 I even challenge you to read it in a Bible version that you don’t normally use – like the Message Bible – it’s free on the Bible App and I love the way it translates in an everyday language.

Think about these questions while reading:
– What verses stick out most to me?
– What is God trying to say to me in these verses?
– What 1 takeaway can I get from this reading to focus on today?
– Is there any specific action God is placing on my heart as a result of reading this chapter?


Day 25: We’re halfway there, friends.

I’m so encouraged by some of the conversations over the past few days. It helps to talk through our struggles, our revelations, our questions and our victories!

I still believe each of us have this book in our hands for a purpose. Maybe it is a seed for now that is being planted. Maybe you will end up reading the book after our study ends – no matter what, I believe there is a message just for YOU and that God has a mighty purpose for your life. I pray that your purpose unfolds day by day and that you begin to pray bold, dangerous prayers!

Today’s reading is about Justice for Jesus. My favorite part of this chapter is where she gives the illustration of her mom being the high school principal.

…if something goes wrong, if something heads south, if my kids end up facing the music, Principal King is also known as Grana. They will find mercy because they are her babies, and blood runs thick.


Having Jesus as Judge, like we see in Matthew 25, is something akin to having your Grana double as your principal. No one loves me more than Jesus. No one is more on my side. No one is more obsessed with His sons and daughters. No one else laid down His life to defend me… (Interrupted pg 100)

How wonderful is this thought? Doesn’t this just give you a slight excitement about getting to Heaven and the judgement? I mean, breathe a BIG HUGE sigh of relief – the judge is on our side and He is looking out for us! AND He will finally receive the due honor and glory that He so deserves and missed out on here on earth.

It’s also #1wordwednesday. My word for today is: PURPOSE. I know God has a purpose in all things – no matter how big or small – He is working in ALL things. He is working in the everyday ordinary.

What’s on your mind today? What’s your 1 word?



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9 thoughts on “Day 25: HALFWAY!

  1. I read Matthew 25 again tonight. One thought is that I need for Jesus to search my heart and help me to clear out any sin that would keep me from being ready when the Bridegroom comes for His church. There is nothing in this world that is worth losing my soul. Another thought is asking The Lord to help me to use the talents He has given me to help further the kingdom. Last but not least is another nudge to do more than I’m doing to help others in need, both strangers and friends. I have so much more to do, it will never be enough….I’ll just keep trying.


    1. All great thoughts!! I am looking forward to your response to tomorrow’s reading. She dives into Matthew 25 a little bit more. Let us know if you have any other nuggets on this topic!


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