Ok people – We are almost at the half-way mark of our study and I’ve gotten input from a few of you:

#1 – A LOT of people are behind in reading. That’s OK (I would probably be behind if I weren’t leading the study). Read when you can. I’ll continue the daily blog updates – visit whenever – it will still be here. Life gets crazy. I totally get it.

#2 – This book is not easy to read and the subject is tough. Yes. Yes. And YES. I ask that you don’t give up, read along and ask God to show you what He would like for you to get out of this book. It may not go down as your favorite book ever, but stick with it. I personally believe it’s no accident that you are here.

#3 – I’m adding a simple Daily Interrupted Challenge. Nothing spectacular that requires extra money or significant time. Something that encourages each of us in a practical “I can do this” kind of way. Are you up for it? This would require you to read the blog every day to get the update…even if you’re not caught up on reading. I will separate the Reading Overview and the Daily Interrupted Challenge each day – so you can follow/join-in even if you’re behind on reading. My goal is to encourage and motivate you in this space and in your reading/studies/growing – I’ll try to do that in a fun and light way. If anything – my mom and Brian will do the challenge with me hahahah 🙂

Today’s reading is a good place to start the simple challenge. We begin to see what Jen and Brandon actually DID to change their comfortable lives. Hands on – let’s do this!


Monday, Nov 17 Daily Interrupted Challenge:
Get moving.
Do 1 thing today you’ve been talking about for a long time, but have put off…and put off…and put off.
Don’t just talk about it anymore. Do it. Doesn’t matter what – large or small.

My item: I’m beginning a daily schedule with daily goals. Wish me luck (this should be fun) (insert excessive sarcasm here).


Day 23: Here Pretending To Be There

First of all, I want to now create a name for our backyard. Maybe Haigo-Vallarta. Or Hi-Ho-Haig-Cun. Or Haigler Rico. Yes, indeed.

Secondly, this part about conviction and acting quickly:

A frustrating trait about God is how He expects us to act on conviction fairly quickly. Pretty much the second He convinces us to move, to change, to shift, we’re supposed to. Despite how much we ponder it or talk about it, until we are obedient in word and deed, we’re just here pretending to be there. (Interrupted pg 89)

This is me in so many ways. Especially in our home. I’ve been convicted to rid of the excess for almost an entire year. And I have not moved quickly. At all. It is driving me bananas. Then throw in all my grandma’s stuff on top of my stuff and it only got worse!!

I believe there is a certain freedom God will allow in my life once I get this right and start acting on my conviction. Ridding of the excess stuff in our home will allow me to create margins for other things – less time cleaning, less time looking for stuff, less time sorting, less time stressed about our stuff.

Today I will get moving on the things God is ever so gently prompting in my heart.

Will you get moving today?



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13 thoughts on “HEAR YE, HEAR YE – READ ME PLEASE!

  1. I loved that line also “…He expects us to act on conviction quickly…” Definitely been there. You know you hear Him tell you to do something. And you even start on it – but then life gets in the way…. and you don’t finish it. (Not intentionally of course – you say you’ll get back to it.)

    For me, the one time that stands out of me doing this (I’m sure there have been multiple times) was a song. Nicole C. Mullen – “My Redeemer”. I remember waking up one morning (several years ago) and hearing, “Melissa, I want you to sing this song for the congregation.” I thought – “WHAT? I don’t do solos, Lord.” But there was a pressing on it – So I bought the soundtrack, I practiced – and I never said anything to anyone else. It even fell off my radar. Then several months later – Angie D sang it for Living Praise. (She did an excellent job on it.) And I heard, “If you weren’t going to do it, I found someone else that would. It needed to be done.” Ouch. To this day, when I hear that song it reminds me of that conversation….

    I love the challenge idea – and of course I’ll join you. (Can’t let Brian and Freida have all the fun…) I’ve got to think about today’s challenge though… what have I been putting off that I can get at least started today?…


    1. I’m so glad you are going to do the challenge! Remember, it doesn’t have to be anything big or spectacular – anything. Keep it simple and just move on something 🙂 And thank you for sharing your example of conviction. You know if I had found out you were practicing, I totally would have had you up in front of the church 🙂


  2. Like maybe starting a new Sunday school class….guess I need to find out what I need to need to do to start that in the next week or two! Behind in my reading or not-i am with you! I feel like I am on this journey for a reason. No accident. Lord, I want to touch lives for you! Work thru me!


    1. I meant to tell you also, don’t feel pressured to make it a Sunday School class. Pray about this and ask God to lead. Maybe it is a small group that meets at a different time. Maybe a different place – at people’s houses. Think on it. I’m praying too. I know God is going to tell you exactly what He wants you to do. Just know that you have support and backup readily available!! I’m excited about what’s ahead for you and your family!!


    1. And I love YOU! I know life is super crazy and keeping up with this is just one more little thing. You are loved and I’m glad you’re on this journey with me!!


  3. Ok, I tend to read this at night so I’m just seeing this. I actually did do something today that I had been putting off. I had a day off and I actually stayed home ALL day, working on things in the house. I made a good dent on going through Glennie’s things, not only moving stuff around but either finding a place for what we plan to keep or adding it to the pile for Goodwill. I have quite a few empty boxes to encourage me to keep it up! I’m still writing in my prayer journal that I started with the 40 day challenge and I made sure to thank God for paid days off! I had an awesome day!


    1. That’s awesome, mom! I know you’ve been wanting to get through those items for so long. I’m glad you took the time today to stay in and focus – this will create more space for you to breathe and to live more fully! That’s a great thing, for sure!


  4. I can see that most of you read the blog today – THANK YOU! The readership activity was much higher than it has been in a while (Yes, I can see how many people actually read each day, in case you were wondering). I’m thankful that you’re still here. Please reach out to me at any time with suggestions on how I can encourage you along the way – starrhaigler@gmail.com. God is doing mighty things in our little group and I can’t wait to see what is ahead. Thank you for being willing and open to being His hands and feet.


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