Day 19: Brandon’s Take

  “‘Lord, do you really want me to change the way I care for, minister to, and think about others, especially the least of these?” (Interrupted pg 65)

What if we all ask that same question of God?

What if God starts making it painfully obvious that He really DOES want us to change?

What if we create margins for God to move?

I want to see God move in my everyday experiences just like Brandon shared. I want to know that I know that God is in this. I want more than anything for Him to show up and interrupt my plans whenever they aren’t in His will.

God was speaking loudly. He wasn’t saying, “Bless others and I’ll give you money”; He was saying, “The provision was not from you; It was from Me. What you have is not yours. You have a lot to learn. The first is this: you can trust Me when I call.”

Lord, teach us to trust you.


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9 thoughts on “Day 19: Brandon’s Take

  1. I so agree Starr. I have a funny feeling God isn’t “speaking” to me through this book but “shouting” to me. It’s an anticipatory type of discomfort, isn’t it! Lord, give me the courage, the boldness, and the love to listen and to act.


    1. Yes! It truly is an anticipatory type of discomfort – great description!! Don’t worry – He’s shouting to me as well! Thank you for commenting and being on this journey with us!


  2. This study is brought to my mind over and over again, all day long, every day. I am more aware than ever of the power of God and His desire that I learn to watch and listen for him every waking moment.


    1. It is brought to my mind too! Even in the little things – where I spend my money, on what and how I use the 24 hours I’m given each day, the conversations I have, the habits I encourage or teach my children. It’s all in my head. God, continue to bring these things to my attention.


  3. Do you guys (those from Living Praise) remember several years ago when Jared and Jordan did the skit “The Chisel”? (If not, or you weren’t there, you can search YouTube for The Skit Guys version.) That’s what this book feels like to me. He is chiseling off the rough edges – and it’s uncomfortable, but it’s what needs to be done. (Kinda like my chiropractor appointments. 😉 But working on my spiritual life instead of my spine.)


  4. What stuck out to me here was the line about the provisions coming from God and not our own…. Ouch. Maybe we can think about that next time we feel entitled or like were doing more than those in poverty…


    1. So true, Aleque! We talked about this in our Financial Peace class last week too. All of the money is God’s – you treat it completely different if you think about it from that standpoint – how freely we give it away, how much wiser we are in our spending. All of it is HIS – and He is using us as vessels. Great point!


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