Day 18: Tough Crowd

Today’s reading begins on page 59.

Jen addresses some tough topics in this chapter:

Who was Jesus broken and poured out for?

For you (Luke), for many (Matthew & Mark), for the forgiveness of sins (Matthew).

Then, she goes on to talk about how maybe it was easier for Jesus to be broken for those that followed him and loved him – but, what about being broken for Judas?

Now take it to modern day and think about those we are to be broken for: our family (yes, of course), our church community (easy, mostly), the ungrateful people that may turn on us and walk in the other direction (say, what??).

Yes. Broken for all.

I am part of the population that doesn’t understand the cycles of poverty and addiction. And I’m also a part of those that have neglected the oppressed because I have reservations on their discernment.

This part got to me:

We can’t withhold social relief because we’re not convinced it will be perfectly managed. We can’t protect our advantaged perspective onto struggling people and expect results available only to the privileged.ย  Must we be wise? Absolutely. But doing nothing is a blatant sin of omission. Turning a blind eye to the bottom on the grounds of “unworthiness” is the antithesis to Jesus’ entire mission. How dare we? (Interrupted pgs 62-63)

How dare I?

I can’t unlearn what I am reading. I can’t turn my eyes away and ignore what I know God is calling me to pay attention to. Aren’t you glad I brought you along on this journey???? (((hugs)))

That brings me to my very own “tough crowd!”

This study is very different from the last one we did. It is a slower pace. It is on a COMPLETELY different topic. There isn’t near as much chatter here on the blog – not as many people are commenting or speaking up. I’m not sure what you think when I don’t hear from you.

Tell me a few things:

– Are you reading the book? Are you behind on reading and don’t want to comment when you read after the assigned dates? (Note: I don’t get mad when you get behind, I promise!!!)

– Are you liking the topic? Maybe a bit too uncomfortable? Not sure what to think yet? Trying to figure out what God is speaking to you in all of this?

– Do you like the blog or would you rather have a different type of forum? Someone suggested a closed Facebook group – would you comment more there instead of the blog? And it’s totally ok if the blog just isn’t for you – you can say that too!!

– Are you having any problems commenting or reading the blog? Let me know if there are issues or if it is too difficult. Do you like the notifications? If you ever want to be taken off, just respond to the text or email letting me know.

– Do you just want to read and me leave you be??? ๐Ÿ˜‰

I do want you to enjoy this study and our little online community. I want you to feel the support of those that are also reading and learning alongside you. I also covet your feedback and suggestions on making it better!

Today is #1wordwednesday – and my word is PARTICIPATE.

I want to participate in humanity. I want to participate in living each day to the fullest. I want to participate in the ordinary moments. I would love for you to participate with me!

Leave a comment, share your #1wordwednesday word for the day, or simply email me with feedback or suggestions on how to improve our study! Hope to hear back from you lovelies soon!



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14 thoughts on “Day 18: Tough Crowd

  1. Only because I was catching up ๐Ÿ˜‰

    So my thoughts for tomorrow…. I like your last line “I want to participate in humanity. I want to participate in living each day to the fullest. I want to participate in the ordinary moments. I would love for you to participate with me!”

    One word – empathy. I want to have more empathy for those whose paths I cross or who cross mine. I want to see life and people through His eyes (but only to the extent that He knows I can handle).

    Unfortunately, I’ve been on the poverty side of life – at least as far as the “world” describes it. There was a time right before we started attending ITCOG that the kids and I were essentially homeless. There was a roof over our head – sometimes it was the parsonage, sometimes it was a one bedroom in a home daycare- It wasn’t our home, but there was a roof.

    I’ve also seen a lot of the grittier side of life (due to one reason or another). Yet, even I sometimes do a double take before reaching out a hand. How can I be involved without being too involved?

    Shortly after moving up here a man I met through church spent several nights at my place – he slept on the sofa and there was never anything more to it than he was homeless and needed a place to sleep. (It started rather innocuously. He came over for dinner after VBS and literally fell asleep on the sofa. At the time I didn’t know he was homeless or struggling.) A friend found out and “threatened” to tell the church I had a man living in my home. It just didn’t seem “right”. You know what, I agree with her. It didn’t. But I didn’t see anyone else stepping up to offer him a couch to crash on. (He stayed off and on for a couple of months – until I couldn’t take it anymore – and got rid of the couch… long story.) But the point is that whether it was right or wrong, it was what needed to be done at that point. Would I do that again? If I felt the Lord’s leading on it, yes. But you also have to be smart about it.

    There was a ministry here that I started working with early on also, Cafe 29, once a month they would feed lunch to anyone that came to the church – homeless or lower income or church member. Sometimes we would take the food to the homeless shelter. It always amazed me at the people that would show up – some were so grateful for it; others acted like it was expected that people would do this for them; still others would have attitudes of “yeah, so what”.

    If someone said to me, “I hope this satisfies your white guilt for the day,” it would be hard – but for me, I always have to remind myself, but for the grace of God – I could be in their shoes.

    (NOTE to my fellow commenters or study partners: a follow up on what Starr said above – I know I’ve gone back several times to previous days to see if someone might have added some insightful comment – I love reading what others think about the days readings. It’s caused me to go back and reread a section or at least part of a section a few times.)


    1. Melissa – thank you for these words!! Empathy – yes. Something I need too.

      I love how you shared examples of where you have been and how you have helped others – even in situations that weren’t pretty or comfortable. I know that you are a person that gives – you always have been. You are also faithful in supporting your church and community. Thank you for all of the times that you did when others didn’t step up. God is going to continue to use your willingness to draw others close to him. Your life shows the love of Jesus and that is what we all want to do more of!! Love you!


  2. I did get behind in reading and I don’t read the blog until I have read the chapter for that day. I love the blog and notifications. You are doing a great job, Starr!!


  3. Gotta add this one – sitting here before church service going through lyrics for tonights songs – “Hosanna” – the bridge of this one – just wow.
    “Heal my heart and make it clean
    Open up my eyes to the things unseen
    Show me how to love like You have loved me
    Break my heart for what breaks Yours
    Everything I am for Your Kingdom’s cause
    As I walk from earth into eternity”

    Yes, Lord!


  4. I got too far ahead in reading and I had to slow down so that I had the topic of the day fresh on my mind. The reading is not quite as light hearted as Jen’s book Seven but the messages she is sharing are not light subjects. I’ve already said that I want to be uncomfortable and I want to fully understand what I can do differently to change my life in a way that draws me closer to our Lord and pleases Him in all ways. I’ll share a laugh for the day… I’ve always wanted to do the 91.9 Drive through difference but I can never remember to print out the letter to hand to the person behind me. So this morning I was going through the drive thru for some oatmeal. I told the cashier that I wanted to pay for the order for car behind me. She rang it up and I pulled up to the next window to get my order. I saw the guy behind me, shaking his head and obviously telling her it was a mistake and the handing her his money. So I guess I really need the letter from 91.9 to explain. McDonalds was the winner in this deal, if the order was paid for twice! Oh well, I tried. I suppose I will try and print out some letters to use before 91.9 goes off the air!


  5. I am behind and getting caught up. I love the blog. It helps me to understand what’s going on. This book is a little a different and gives you a lot to think about. I have had to do a lot of self checks to see where I am and what is motivating me.


  6. I agree with the above statements… I’m behind but LOVE reading the thoughts and explanations on the blog. Empathy is quite challenging for me. Especially working in the medical field. I must strive to improve in this area… Thanks Starr


    1. Thank you, Aleque! I forgot that we have another person in the medical field. You guys have jobs that HELP others in very real ways every single day. While my job is somewhat removed – adding photos online and answering phone calls and blah blah BLAH! I know that we serve people in different ways, but it is so hard to just get numb in your everyday job and forget about how God is using you wherever you are!


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