Day 14: Brandon’s Take

Day 14! We are 2 weeks into our study and today’s reading starts on page 39 with Brandon’s Take.

I absolutely love his honesty about how he was feeling when Jen started questioning everything. Actually, reading this today made me think about many of you in my life. I’m the crazy one that is reading these books and starting to question A LOT about my comfortable life. And I’m bringing along as many as I can.

Are you ignoring me?? Hahahah

My highlights from today’s reading:

Jen started reading books and asking me stuff like, “What if we’re missing out on this whole thing?” And all along I’m thinking, Are you kidding me? We’re pretty much ‘all in’ here. I oversee the spiritual development of a great church that baptized more than four hundred people last year. We’ve arrived at the place we always wanted to be! My staff, my position, my church – not only do I love what I’m doing, but I love how I’m doing it. And now you’re wondering if we need to change every motivation and method that got us here? (Interrupted pg 41)


But I did know that this was serious for Jen. So I ignored her. And promised I’d read those books and listen to those sermons…someday. (Interrupted pg 41)


God was moving in Jen. He was pumping a new passion and a fresh wind into her faith that I was privately jealous of. I knew that if I was faithful to the deal I made with God years ago, it would lead me to a dangerous prayer of my own, which I finally offered later that spring, “God, if You’re really in this, show me, too.” (Interrupted pg 41)

So many things to say here.

First of all, it helps me to hear the perspective of someone that is coming along on this journey with me. Maybe they do feel like their comfortable life is what they have worked for and that I’m crazy for thinking there could be more. Maybe they DO just want to ignore me.

Did that stop Jen? Nope. Does it need to stop me? Nope.

Is it crazy that I stayed up til 2am creating a daily planner/schedule for my weekdays that includes writing as my “real job?” Yes. Did I think I would ever be at this place 2 years ago? Nope. Is it lonely and scary and exciting all at the same time? YES.

God is pumping a new passion and fresh wind into my faith. I want you to come along with me. I want this to become personal for you. I want you to create your very own dangerous prayer. I created mine many months ago before I ever knew the book Interrupted existed:

God, make me uncomfortable. Make our family extraordinary and not normal.

What’s your dangerous prayer? Have you figured it out? Are you still wondering if all this is even necessary? Get on your knees. Spend time in the Word. Ask God to show you. I know He is faithful. Just ask. And get ready.



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6 thoughts on “Day 14: Brandon’s Take

  1. I’ve asked God to interrupt my life in a way that there is no doubt that it’s God’s way and not my way. I fail too many times when I try to have my own way. When I start to get confident in my own decisions, I fall flat on my face.


    1. Exactly!! We have to take it one day at a time and fully rely on God. It’s so easy to slip into thinking that we’ve got this all on our own. But, we don’t. Not one bit.


  2. I was just praying-God, I am ready to do whatever you need me to do (I don’t want to move again but I will if I have to, hahaha) so lead me. I want to see God everyday, I want to be uncomfortable and be excited about it. Even when my husband thinks I am crazy! But I am thankful he is willing to go on this journey with me.


    1. My husband thinks I’m crazy EVERY SINGLE DAY, Melissa πŸ™‚ I love doing this journey with you and I’m so glad God brought us together in friendship and community. I love you. And also I found more shoes πŸ™‚


  3. Both of your husbands would be correct – you are both crazy – and they love you because of it (or including that fact – one or the other πŸ˜‰ )…

    So I was reading this section tonight, while I was waiting for a friend to join me for sodas (she’s not a coffee drinker) before Bible study.

    “…I was completely oblivious to Jen’s inner tension during this season…” When I read this, my first thought was” of course you weren’t aware. Women (in general) don’t show their inner tension until they are about to pop from it….

    Brandon’s thoughts on the role between pastors and their spouses jumped out at me tonight. After reading that, I thought of pastors and their wives that I’ve known – I could see what he was saying in real life scenarios. (I think it’s not just pastors and spouses, but any couple.) You need to be in it together – and go along for the same journey under the same leadership (God).

    I’ve prayed two relatively dangerous prayers in my life – and I’ve moved both times. I’m not sure I’m ready for another one – πŸ™‚ But I am loving this journey with my friends… And with my new “friend” Jen…


  4. The other day you asked about “dangerous prayers”. As I said, for me there have been two. But thinking back there have been more than that. One was when I was in a relationship I wasn’t happy in, but it seemed good from the outside. My prayer then was, “Lord, change him or give me strength to get out.” – Within a week was when I found that he had been involved in some pretty bad things (I won’t go into details here). The kids and I left that day (with nowhere to go). God provided – it was a rough year, and I wouldn’t have made it without Him. Not sure why I felt the need to share this today – but maybe it will help someone.


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