Day 12: Name it & Claim It

Today we read about the prosperity gospel and how it all plays into what we’ve been reading so far in Interrupted.

Here’s what stood out to me:

Global church leaders are dumbfounded at our excess while their people are dying and starving, especially when so many leading spiritual voices here are proclaiming the prosperity gospel… (Interrupted pg 29)


So Americans living in excess beyond imagination while the world cries out for intervention is an unbearable tension and utterly misrepresents God’s kingdom. While the richest people in the world pray to get richer, the rest of the world endures unimaginable suffering with their faces pressed to the window of our prosperity…and we carry on, oblivious. (Interrupted pg 31)

As I read, I can’t help but think, “God, what can I do about these massive problems across the world? I’m just ONE person.”

I opened up our Draw the Circle book tonight for a bit of inspiration. Here’s what I came across:

After all, prayer is the difference between the best you can do and the best God can do…If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will do the heavy lifting. If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will reveal things that can only be discovered in the presence of God. If we hit our knees, the Holy Spirit will give us God-ideas for our ministry, family, business – for our lives. (Draw the Circle by Mark Batterson pg 55)

YES! There’s no way I can do all this on my own. BUT – I can give the best I can do and mix that with the best God can do – and that’s a winning combination. The only way to get that combination: hit our knees.

Are we still there friends? Are we still hitting our knees? THAT will make all the difference.

What is God prompting you to do?



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10 thoughts on “Day 12: Name it & Claim It

  1. I guess for me that is what I am hoping to find out while spending time in this study — what is God prompting me to do?

    Until recently I had not thought about how the “name it and claim it” ministry would look to the rest of the globe. But I can see that it can be taken as proof of the excess of America. And that is sad and scary to me.


    1. Absolutely sad and scary. My assistant is in the Philippines and I have really started to see how we could appear so arrogant and uncaring. Today I asked him about it and he said it is the same in his country. So many people don’t care and just worry about themselves. It’s more than just a USA problem, it’s a human being problem. We need God to mold us to be more like Him in this area.


  2. One of the commens that stood out the most to me was on the last page, “some kill by violence, but we have let them suffer and die by neglect”. The other was Ghandis comment about him liking our Christ, but the Christians being so UNLIkE Christ.
    I do not want to be that christian. Yes let me join you, on my knees in prayer. For america, for christians, for those people that are starving and slaves, and suffering in ways that I can not even imagine. GOD can do mighty things when we pray!


    1. That comment about suffer and die by neglect just hit me. We are so concerned about one, but not the other. Lord, help us. Open our eyes to what You see. Give me Your eyes for just one second.


  3. When I first heard Ghandi’s words years ago, they pierced me like a sword. May this generation of Christians live to convince the world We are more like our Christ than unlike Him. This chapter reached to the innermost parts of my being. How thankful I am Jen is willing to be so bold as to make us uncomfortable.


  4. Yes, it is a shame that our actions sometimes cause others to see Christianity as being selfish and foolish. If we all take a firm stand and help each other stay accountable to do what Jesus would do, we can look back on our Christian walk with no regrets. With God’s grace, we can be a lighthouse for the lost and suffering.


    1. What would happen if people start asking us why we are so different? And what if we get the opportunity to share with them our story?!? And things begin to change!!! It can happen!


  5. My prayer is that God will show ME what I can…I am only one person, but with God’s help and direction, I can do whatever He puts in my path.


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