Day 8: Reader, Beware

Today we’re on page 9: Reader, Beware: Life-Altering Prayer Ahead.

I see that many of you are reading ahead and I love that you are getting into the book! I did the same thing, ha. I will say that by going back and re-reading these daily sections helps things really sink in and certain items stick out that didn’t before.

Jen talks about a excerpt she read in The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne:

I developed a spiritual form of [bulimia] where I did my devotions, read all the new Christian books and saw the Christian movies, and then vomited information up to friends, small groups, and pastors. But it never had the chance to digest. I had gorged myself on all the products of the Christian industrial complex but was spiritually starving to death. I was marked by an overconsumption but malnourished spiritually, suffocated by Christianity but thirsty for God.

It was after reading this that Jen was riding in her car and prayed the prayer that started it all: “God, raise up in me a holy passion.”

Then, she turned to the Word.

Yes, let us all find ourselves in a place where we ask God to move in our lives and then let us dig deep into His Word to see what He has to say.

Today is the Sabbath, spend some time alone with Him – you won’t regret it.



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10 thoughts on “Day 8: Reader, Beware

  1. One thing that keeps jumping out at me .. these are the same questions I have been asking. The same feelings I have been having. Wow. Just wow.


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