Day 6: Church

OK y’all: you only have 1 page to read today.

But, let me tell ya – it’s such a great page!

The vision for Austin New Church (the church Jen and her husband founded as part of God interrupting their life) is described in today’s reading.

What words or phrases stick out to you? Here’s mine:

equips believers

values biblical teaching

relevant; transcends time and culture


cares passionately

oppressed, abandoned, helpless

spiritual, relational, emotional and physical need

responsibility to lead

driven by God’s vision for unity

partnering across denominations

share the good news of Jesus Christ

regardless of social status, ethnicity, or faith background

biblical community

build honest and encouraging relationships

speak, share, and seek to live out God’s truth

What if WE did this? What if each one of us in this study could start a fire in our own churches? What if the revival begins with us? Imagine the impact we could have if we start living our lives like this and it begins to overflow into our families, our churches, our communities. Grab an oar.

I want to be clear: no church is perfect, not even Austin New Church. And if you are searching for the perfect church, you won’t find it this side of heaven.

Lord, let this start with me. Help me to wake up each morning with a fresh vision for impacting Your kingdom.

How about you? What stuck out in the vision to you? What do you want to be part of?



Guess what? We actually start Part One of the book tomorrow – wooohooo! 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Day 6: Church

  1. Ok – as I posted on Facebook yesterday – the section about “partnering across denominations” is the one that jumps out at me. And that’s because I’ve said pretty much the same thing over and over again. I’m sure some of you have seen the pictures I’ve posted after our Convoy of Hope Leesburg events (great organization by the way – COH). And I try not to be critical when I say this – but a team works together for months on a weekly basis (sometimes daily). Then the big event happens – and EVERYONE works together (there were 74 churches and organizations involved this year). Then it’s over. You don’t see anyone again until you pass them at Target or Giant. Why can’t we have events that we work together? Why is everyone so segregated? Why can’t the youth groups get together for a flag football tournament or a night of praise or a mini-conference?

    Tonight is a great example – Harvest Party or Hallelujah Party or whatever name you want to call it – In this area alone there are about five different large(r) churches holding events “open to the public”. The two churches I attend (one is my home church here and one I go to on Saturday nights) are both doing one – They both will have games and food and candy and inflatable bounce house type things. What if we had all of that in a central location as one event? How many more people (children, adults, families) could we reach?

    Can you imagine the impact we could have on the world if denominations didn’t separate Christians???

    (Oh, and the details for this year’s COH Leesburg event, just because these numbers still amaze me – and the work that God did that day:
    Total Guest Attendance: 3025
    4000 Meals Served to our guests
    26 Community Service Agencies
    300 jobs were hired for and filled onsite
    1534 People served in the Health Services Area
    400 Flu Shots
    100 Dental Screenings
    275 Vision, Speech & Hearing screenings
    200 Haircuts
    570 Family Portraits
    1410 pair of children’s shoes were given away
    17,225 packets of Plum Organics food was distributed (7 pallets worth)
    525 Children’s backpacks full of supplies were given away
    35,000 lbs of groceries were given away
    and 2000 children’s books)


    1. What an awesome impact in your community! How about find some key people that you know from that event and invite them to a potluck dinner to do some brainstorming? Or maybe a night out with some youth to start building relationships and conversations between now and the next big event? It can start with you!!! Don’t think you have to get permission. Just reach out and ask God to direct your steps and your relationships. I’m believing for great things and for God to continue to give you a vision of unity in your community to work together for a great cause!!


  2. My favorite was relevant; transcends time and culture. I love this , God’s word is always fresh, whatever you need, wherever you are-there’s something in it for you! We just have to read it, study it and BELIEVE it!


  3. Vision….. Equip believers, The Truth.
    Inspires, examples of Christ. Cares for all.
    Lead in community and through out the world. Wow driven by Gods vision, Believe
    we can share the good news, honesty and encourage . Yes Lord let us make a difference.


  4. Yes,MOMMY3SHUE and Starr…it DOES start with us…and I’ve been slacking BIG TIME. I’ve been reading Interrupted (I’m way ahead) and have been reading my Bible and praying (more than I used to), but certainly not with the fervent discipline I had while doing the 40-Day Challenge, and then this morning…opened to Galatians and BAM…I got hit right in the face…Galatians 1:6 says “I am shocked that you are turning away so soon from God…”! Yes, Lord…I get it! The last couple of weeks have been stressful at work (I love my job, but sometimes working with clueless (nice work for idiot) parents can really put a damper on things. So, I can think…is this a clue that I need to spend more time with Him, or having not spent as much time with Him leaves me unequipped to handle those “clueless” people in my life. Either way…I got the message Lord. I need you EVERY hour of EVERY day.

    And yes, this book is making me VERY uncomfortable. We have SO MUCH…and keep wanting more…My prayer today is that I want MORE of HIM…to be able to DO MORE for others. Yesterday…was on the Vera Bradley site (60% off!!), already had things in my cart and then…WHAT??? I don’t need another bag, I don’t need another purse…I have a closet full. Needless to say, I emptied my cart and said a prayer of thanks for ALL I have…while so many around me have nothing. Putting a little extra in the plate today for the “Bread of Life” ministry. Thank you God for opening my eyes..


    1. Thank you so much for your transparency, Aunt Deb! We all go through seasons where we struggle. I’m there too. I’m emotionally torn up about several situations. I’m tempted to just sleep and hope it all goes away – but, when I make the extra effort to draw closer to Him, my perspective changes. I will be lifting you up in the coming days. Glad to hear from you and love you very much!


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