Day 5: Introduction

Today we read the Introduction. I know, I know – you guys are probably thinking, “Haven’t we already read like 5 introductions to this book??” Well, kinda.

The introduction that we read a few days ago was an intro to the updated version of the book. Today’s reading is the original intro that Jen wrote with Interrupted when it was published 5 years ago.

Highlights from Today’s Reading

If I seem to have tunnel vision, all I can say is that is what happens when God shouts in your face and demands entire life change. I am fixated, and the only objective as central as living out this new mandate is mobilizing others to join me. (pg. xxxi)


Interrupted is not a manifesto for men or a devotional for women’s issues; this is a serious conversation for the church at large. Until we are all compelled and contributing, we’re settling for an anemic faith and a church that robs Christ followers of their vitality and repels the rest of the world. (pg xxxi)


Everyone has to grab an oar. (pg xxxi)


However, if you’re navigating the tension between your Bible and your life, or Jesus’ ancient ideas and the modern wayward church, or God’s kingdom on earth and reality, then welcome. (pg xxxii)


There is much value in the struggle. (pg xxxii)

After reading most of this book, I second these thoughts wholeheartedly. I’m mobilizing others to join me (that’s why you’re doing this study…right??>?).

Together, we will navigate the struggle and see how God can interrupt our lives for His kingdom.

It’s time to grab your oar. The boat is ready. Get in. Here we go.


PS – I sure am missing some of our frequent commenters from the last study…are they MIA??? You know who you are 🙂


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8 thoughts on “Day 5: Introduction

  1. I’m willing to grab an oar. Rowing a boat is hard work but I’m up for the challenge! I’m loving the book. A certain one who is MIA tells me she is reading but has been a little overwhelmed with work for the last few days. She will be back!


      1. I know a couple of others that are reading (one has commented on FB about the book). And I fussed at them about not posting yet 🙂 (Well not fussed, but you guys know me…)


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