Time to Get Interrupted!

Tomorrow we start our new study! While doing some reading over the past few nights, this quote from later on in the book hit me hard:

Believer, your pastor or your church can never reach your coworker like you can. They do not have the sway over your neighbor who has been entrusted to you. No one better than you can love your wayward brother. One decent sermon cannot influence a disoriented person in the same way your consistent presence in her life can. While organized religion provokes mostly skepticism for the average postmodern, a genuine relationship with a Christ follower on mission can reframe the kingdom, making a fresh perception possible. Then that person discovers that church is not a place you go – it’s a people you belong with. The building is simply the place where you celebrate God together. (Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker pg 207).

What if God stirs something inside each of us to pay attention to those that He’s placed in our paths? What if our mission field involves those we work with, those that live in our neighborhood, those at the grocery store? What if our everyday life and compassion is the thing that will speak to someone to come to Christ? What if it isn’t just up to our Pastor? What if it really is all about God using us every single day to make an impact for the Kingdom?

A verse to think upon today:

For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest. Luke 9:48

God, I pray for open eyes, open hearts, open minds. Speak to us in ways we understand. Help us encourage each other and find more of You in the next 50 days together.



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2 thoughts on “Time to Get Interrupted!

  1. So excited to start this study!
    I believe what you said Starr is so true. .
    Have you watch the movie The Secrets of Johnathan Sperry? It relates to what you just said. I love you and I’m very thankful you are in my life ❤️


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