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Countdown to our newest study: Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.

Only 2 more days til Sunday!! Whooohooo!! I’m so ready to start reading and studying with you again.

interrupted book


Our study will last 50 days: Sunday, October 26 – Wednesday, December 17 (3 Day Break for Thanksgiving Nov 25-27) I’ve created a study schedule to keep us all on track of what we are supposed to be reading on what days:

Interrupted Study (<<< click to view/download). *Note: I’m planning to print this schedule out and keep it inside of my book so that I can reference quickly when reading each day. You’ll also be able to view it anytime on our blog by clicking Menu > About.

You will notice that the first few days of reading include very short sections like the forward/acknowledgements, etc. This is excellent in case we have people that decide to join us at the last minute or even in the first few days – they won’t have any trouble at all catching up before we really start getting into the meat of the book.


Do you have anyone that you would like to invite? There is still time and they could pick up a book at the local Barnes & Noble, Christian Bookstore, or download the eBook immediately on their smartphone or tablet.

If anyone wants to join, forward them a link to this post and then send me a text/email with their name and email address.


We have divided the book into 50 small readings. Each day, I will post a summary on this blog. This is our online community to interact, engage, encourage each other and share insights. Reading the blog and commenting is totally optional. I love, love, love comments – so please do share something. You never know how your experiences and testimony may impact someone else that is in a similar place.

In our last study, Draw the Circle – A 40 Day Prayer Challenge, the author encouraged us to set an appointment each day for our reading and prayer. He also told us to find someone to help hold us accountable to stay on track.

I personally believe that it is great to continue these same practices in any study. Find a regular time that you plan to read and pray each day – then keep that appointment. Find someone else in our group to ask each day if you kept your appointment. Yes, you will miss days and that is OK. Just pick back up and DON’T quit. Our readings are broken into small sections, so even if you miss – it won’t be hard to catch up. You will get out of this study what you put into it.


How about let’s go ahead and start sharing with each other again, shall we?

Answer this question below in the comments:

What do you want out of Interrupted?

My response: I’m tired of going through the motions and living towards the “American Dream”. I’m tired of seeking happiness in stuff. Stuff doesn’t bring happiness. Money doesn’t bring happiness. A closet full of clothes doesn’t bring happiness. Vacations don’t even bring long term happiness (sure, they are good for clearing your mind – but you have to COME BACK…dang it!) My soul is thirsty and I’m at a point in my life where I am ready for God to interrupt everything I do that doesn’t fit into His plan for me. I don’t want to go to church anymore to simply beg people to worship and to create fun programs for people to get involved. I want to know the least of these that God has for me and my church to serve. I want my kids to learn how to serve. I want to be different. I want to live an extraordinary life that points to Jesus. I want a mind shift of what this life is about and how I am supposed to live. I want to do what Jesus requested: “Feed my lambs”.

Your turn.

9 thoughts on “Interrupted Info/Schedule

  1. I want to grow closer to God and that the things of world won’t have a pull on me. I will my mind focus on those that are lost and how to ministry to them and that the thing of this world don’t matter. It only matters what we do to further the kingdom of heaven. I need to focus more on my children in children church and how to ministry to them more.


    1. Amen, Karen! Things of this world – it is so hard sometimes to not let our circumstances get the best of us. And yes, what we do for the Kingdom of Heaven is what matters most. I pray that God opens our eyes to things we haven’t considered before through this study. Love you and glad you are doing this with us!


  2. I can’t wait!! I’ve missed our “time” together. It helps to keep me focused. While we’ve been “away”, I’ve been reading “A Heart Like His” by Beth Moore. It is an in-depth reading of David…really, really good. More of a book format, rather than a study. Helps to see that we ALL fail in this journey called life, but God can STILL use us. What a relief!! If not, what a terrible place I would be in! Thank goodness for His grace and mercy! Happy Friday!! 🙂


    1. I’ve missed you too, Aunt Deb!! Looking forward to studying together again. YES – we ALL fail – over and over again. And yes – God STILL uses us, thank goodness! Love you!


  3. Starr… During this study I want to draw closer to God. To be filled with his Love and Mercy like never before! To do a work for his Kingdom like never before because time is running out. Times are here like I’ve never seen before. So my desire is to lay aside the weights that so easy beset me and work for my Lord and Savior and make a difference in the world!


  4. I’m looking forward to a new perspective on our crazy lives and what I could be doing to be the godly woman I am called to be. BTW, I am Melanie Tripp, Marilyn’s friend.


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