I felt underqualified and overwhelmed, but that is when God has you right where He wants you. That is how you learn to live in raw dependence – and raw dependence is the raw material out of which God performs His greatest miracles. (The Circle Maker – pg 17)

If you begin to feel way out of your comfort zone and overwhelmed, think for a minute that God may have you exactly where He wants you. Our society calls us to a life of comfort and control – Jesus gave us example after example of how that isn’t what He has for us.

Are you willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable?

Take some time to talk to Him today about it. Let Him know your fears, your tears, your dreams – talk about it all.

Enjoy the Sabbath, friends.


12 thoughts on “Overwhelmed

  1. Sitting in the church foyer. Had to read that several times to get it.

    I don’t want to be uncomfortable. However not my will but His. I think that might be what I am supposed to be learning. I’ve heard that reference three times this weekend. *and Sunday morning service hasn’t started yet.


  2. Gratitude is so powerful.

    We aren’t positioned to stay put. We aren’t statues. We are positioned in grace to move out in powerful praise. Hebrews 13:15

    Sacrifice. Be uncomfortable.


    1. The sacrifice of praise! How many times do we not feel like doing this or that? Not praying, not reading, not praising. But, when we do – walls fall down! We may feel like everything is crashing around us, but God has us in complete dependence on Him!


  3. As our pastor asked today…if our lives were perfect, would we need God? We would have it all figured out and we would not need a higher power to lift us up. I and some of my dear friends have some real needs. I am praying for God to have his will and show us all how he can clean up our mess.


  4. Personally, I wouldn’t want a “perfect” life – but I definitely want to be wherever it is He needs me. In His time and place in His will.

    I’ll be praying for those needs as well, Freida.


  5. We never want to be uncomfortable….
    But sometimes we do when God is speaking to us in his small still voice. He tells us to be bold not to be afraid of their faces. Speak the word of God boldly the violent take it by force!


    1. Speaking the Word is so powerful! That’s exactly what Jesus did when Satan was trying to tempt Him. Lord, help us internalize Your Word and speak it daily!


  6. Yes…if everything was perfect, if our lives were all that…if everything went our way….why would we need Him?? He sends things, allows things to come our way to show that HE is in control, that He is one we must rely on. I know that we all want to be forever in His will and that sometimes puts us in uncomfortable and unpleasant circumstances. We must always look up and KNOW that He is in control. That He will send whatever we need at that time and place and will help us thru it. Sometimes he removes the fire, sometimes he brings us around the fire, but then sometimes he brings us right thru it, but He’s ALWAYS right there with us. Praying for my sweet sister, Freida!! Love you!


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