God’s Job and Our Job

This was one of my favorite sections from our last study – day 23 in Draw the Circle:

In our impatience, we often try to do God’s job for Him. We treat Sabbath observance like a luxury instead of a commandment. We only obey it when it’s convenient. We work as though the world revolves around us and relies on us. Maybe it’s time to rest as though the world revolves around and relies on the Creator who hangs the stars and spins the planets.


Let me come right out and say it: we’re way too busy. In the words of apostle Paul, we’re “busybodies.” We’re constantly trying to do more and more in less and less time. The net result is that we don’t have any margins in our lives. And that is when prayer gets marginalized. We think we have too much to do to pray, but the exact opposite is true; we have too much to do not to pray!


(Draw the Cirlce pg 132)

This hit home today for anyone besides me? Have we gotten too busy? Are we still coming before God in our appointments? Have we gotten too busy for prayer? I have on some days. And it leaves me feeling empty and void.

I’ve got too much to do NOT to pray.

Lord, today bring me back to making prayer and my time with You a top priority. Don’t let the things on my to do list get in between me and You. Don’t let my situations or circumstances cause me to give up. Nothing is impossible with You. And I know that. I believe that. I’m trusting You for a miracle in my life. I’m trusting You for the extraordinary. I want to do my job and let You do Your job –  like only You can!


Keep circling friends. Don’t give up.


6 thoughts on “God’s Job and Our Job

  1. The more you commit to, the more there is to do. Learn to say no to the world and find Him more.

    For those that know me, this may be hard to believe. But I “retired” from several church volunteer positions in the spring. Part of it was that as much as I was there, I wasn’t with Him.

    Still today I am searching. I hope to find both of us more with this time with all of you.

    Thanks for letting me join.


    1. Melissa, so glad to have you with us. Yes, learning to say no to things and yes to Him – finding Him – that is a challenge for so many of us. God has brought me to a place where He is telling me that this is what it is all about. I have big dreams and goals in life, but over and over again, God is saying – spend time with Me. That is the only way to achieve your goals and dreams. And stop doing so much busy work.

      I am searching with you, friend!


  2. I fear that I have tried too many times to work things out on my own and have made a mess of things. I’m trying to turn it over to God every day, throughout the day. I know that the more I remember to seek His will, the better it will all work out.


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