1 Word: DEEPER

It’s #1wordWednesday

My word today is DEEPER.

I don’t think it’s possible to be too deep in my relationship with God.

I wanna go deeper. Deeper in the Word. Deeper in prayer. Deeper in obedience. Deeper in hearing His voice. Deeper in responding to His gentle tug.


How about you?

What’s your 1 word? I miss hearing from y’all. Thanks to my mom for always commenting. πŸ™‚

I’d love to hear from YOU today in the comments below or you can always respond to your email/text and it comes right to me. Responses make my day – for real!



A quick note on our next study: I’m placing an order for books today. Have you let me know if you need me to order your book? If not, comment below and I’ll add you in.

I have on my list to order books for:
Mom, Marilyn, Joanie, Diane, Kay, Kenny, Melissa S., Aleque, Angie

Also – feel free to go ahead and invite someone to join us in our study – share it with a friend. We start Sunday, Oct 26 and end Dec. 17 (with a 3 day break for Thanksgiving). Invite a friend. Anyone can order the book on their own and join us here to engage with each other in our online community. To order: Search for Interrupted on Amazon (cheapest way to buy it) or purchase in person at a Barnes and Nobles bookstore. Easy peasy.

NOTE: This is the book we are using for our study:



10 thoughts on “1 Word: DEEPER

  1. Pleasing…. Pleasing God not people.
    Pleasing him in everything that I do.
    Pleasing him in obedience to his word.
    Pleasing him to walk in Love.
    Thank you Starr for a reminder to think of one word today πŸ™‚


  2. As i mentioned to Starr… Searching. That’s what I feel like I need to be doing. Searching for more of Him and finding less of the world.


    1. Searching is a great word! When we begin searching for more of God, we will absolutely find Him! He is there waiting for us. He is knocking and calling. And the journey that is ahead is such an adventure! Praying for searching!


  3. My word is intercession. I want to intercede for my loved ones and the loved ones and family members of my church families. There are so many who need salvation.


    1. Yes! This is what our Christian walk is all about. Let us not forget what God has called us to do. To point others to Him and to intercede on behalf of those He has put in our path.


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