Held His Hands Up

Aaron and Hur held his hands up – one on one side, one on the other.

Exodus 17:12

Yesterday we talked about not giving up and praying with shameless audacity. What if you’ve prayed and prayed and you feel like giving up? Have you asked anyone to intercede in prayer with you?

I have a friend going through a tough time right now. She has tough decisions to make and some tough actions to take. I’m praying for her. I’m helping hold her hands up. I’m asking God to work in her life like never before. And I’m asking God to draw her closer during this tough time.

When we start praying for God’s will – God will start putting people and situations into our lives. It’s then up to us to act on those people and the situations. What will we do? Smile and keep walking? Ignore the needs? It’s time to step up and start praying. Start praying for others.

When we start watching and praying for others, our lives start changing in ways we could never imagine.

Who is in your path today that needs prayer? Can we stop and get on our knees for those around us?

Lord, help us to recognize the people and situations you have placed in our lives. Let us pray with fervency to You. Change us as part of this process. Change our hearts. Give us hearts for You.



2 thoughts on “Held His Hands Up

  1. Starr, your obedience to intercede for others is making a difference. You put action to your words and God honored your intercession. I am in awe at what God is doing for others, through you.


    1. Mom, more and more I’m realizing that it’s less about me and more about what God has in store for others through my obedience. A very tough lesson to learn and something I’m learning more about everyday. Thank you for commenting. At least I know someone is reading 🙂


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