Change the Routine

But once the routine becomes routine, we need to change the routine. Why? Because sacred routines become empty rituals if we do them out of left-brain memory instead of right-brain imagination. (pg 160 – Draw the Circle)

Even a 40 Day Prayer Challenge has the potential to become…just a routine.

A routine can be helpful as well – if it creates accountability, then it can certainly be good.

If I want to go deeper in my walk with Christ, I need the routine of getting up and spending a few moments in prayer. It won’t ever happen by wishful thinking.

If I want to become a published writer, I need the routine of sitting down at my computer each day and writing. It won’t happen without dedicated and intentional practice.

A routine also has the potential to become boring. For example, each day I take my daughter to daycare in Waxhaw. There is one certain way that we always drive (unless there is a super annoying detour that causes us to drive all around Union County..hahah). Kayla and Kylie both have come to know and expect our daily route to Tara’s house. Ever so often, I will turn unexpectedly onto a different road. They light up with excitement at the fact that we are going somewhere out of the ordinary. They love the speed bumps, the pretty houses, the trees.

The change in scenery can bring an unusual happiness into our car.

Same with our walk with God…

The change in routine can bring an unusual happiness into our hearts.

Fight the urge to live on auto-pilot. Turn off cruise control.

If we aren’t careful, we pray without thinking – and that is just as destructive as thinking without praying. (pg 162 – Draw the Circle)

Lord, help me not to pray without thinking. Refresh my mind. Refresh my words. Refresh my thoughts. Make each day brand new. Just like the sunrise, let my soul sing a new song to You. You are faithful and You hear my prayers.

Thank you, Lord, for another opportunity to come to You and let me be changed.


How do you all keep from getting stuck in a boring routine? Comment below and let’s encourage each other.


6 thoughts on “Change the Routine

  1. Change your scenery. Choose a different place to pray. I love praying in my car to our church choir cds. Praise music makes praying and praising Him easier! I also have found walking outside at lunch a wonderful time to lift prayers up to the Lord. Praising him for the glorious sunshine is easy when it is shining on your face. Enjoy the day!


  2. I like the verse renew the right spirit within me. Sometimes in life we do get in a routine.
    Weather it be in prayer,church ect…With a renewed spirit within you it makes everything seem fresh again.


  3. I am a creature of habit so I don’t seem to get out of my routine very often. I have changed some of my habits since we started our prayer challenge. I have continued writing in my prayer journal and spending time on my knees. One example of getting out of my routine was a quick trip to Nashville a couple of weekends ago, to take Joy and a friend to a one – day event. We stopped and spent the night with my sister Debra and then she spent the day with me in Nashville while waiting for the girls. We met Debra’s son Zack and his girlfriend for Lunch at the famous Loveless cafe and browsed the shops there. We spent a few hours at a local mall and had a beauty makeover at the Clinique counter at Macy’s, using a gift card that I’d had for years. That was a day that was very much out of the ordinary and so relaxing and fun! Wish I had more days like that!


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