40 Day Wrap Up & The Next Study

Helloooo friends! Did you miss me? 🙂

We finished our 40 Day Prayer Challenge 3 days ago and ya’ll…I MISS THIS PLACE!

Remember this line?

When the Word of God gets in our spirit, which is the spiritual womb, new passions are conceived within us. And inaction is no longer an option. We cannot abide in the Word of God and not be moved to action. We cannot sit on the sidelines. Like David, who ran to the front lines, we’ll be looking for giants to conquer. (pg 168 – Draw the Circle)


I’m looking for giants.

I have also found that I need the accountability that you all provided to get deeper into the Word and prayer than I have ever been before.

The day after our 40 day challenge ended, my ENTIRE family overslept. For the first time in 40 days, REALLY? I guess I needed rest, but I’ve also struggled to keep a regular appointment with God since then. Seems like maybe He’s not letting me off the hook of 6am just yet.

So, where do we go from here?

I’ve decided to keep writing in this place. I’m going to be here and you will know where to find me. Come visit when you have a chance. This will also be the place where our daily updates will be published for our next study, Interrupted. Until then, I’ll be here blogging everyday – kind of like my own personal Bible study spot online.

Speaking of our next study, we will begin on Sunday, October 26. I will be placing an order for books on October 15.

This study will last for 50 days and will be very short daily readings (5-6 pages per day).

We will take a break in the middle of the study for Thanksgiving: 3 days off (November 25, 26, 27).

Our study will end on December 17.


Here’s what I need if you want to continue on this journey:

#1 – Sign Up for Interrupted – our next study by Jen Hatmaker (Starts Sunday, Oct 26)

#2 – Let me know if you want to keep receiving daily alerts on this blog between now and the next study (text or email).

Please use the form below:


Note: This will be the last notification I send out to our original group unless you sign up using the form above.

I have truly loved this time together and I hope to see you again soon in our online community.

My prayer is this, no matter what the coming days hold for you – I pray that you DO SOMETHING to follow after what God is calling you to do. Don’t just sit and wait. Don’t think you don’t have time. Don’t think you’re not ready.

You’ll never be ready.

And if you are looking for an excuse, you will always find one.

God doesn’t call the qualified; He qualifies the called.

If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.

(pg 112 – Draw the Circle)


8 thoughts on “40 Day Wrap Up & The Next Study

  1. I will admit that I have been struggling with my prayer time too. I am praying but not like was. I am so glad that you have decided to continue in between our studies. I need a prayer partner (or 25ish) to remind and encourage me. Yaaaaaayyyyy!!!!!!!


  2. I too struggled to keep that regular appointment. I missed the blog more and the interaction with you. glad to be back. Have a great Monday.


  3. Looking Forward to the next study!!
    So glad You are doing this Starr. It helps me to be accountable and get deeper into what God is calling and showing me. So let God keep using you Starr… He has a great plan for you this is just the beginning 🙂


  4. Never ever blogged or been a part of one before. Forgive me if I do more observing than posting, but I’m eager to learn. 😀


    1. Tracy!! Are you doing the new study with us? Let me know if you want to be added to alerts. We are glad to have you and we are all learning this blogging thing together 🙂


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