Day 40: Teach Us to Pray

Here we are, friends! 40 days of crazy prayers. 40 days of circling. 40 days of encouraging each other along the way.

Thank YOU!

I had no idea what to expect along the way. I just followed the instructions and didn’t do the challenge alone. I found someone to go along with me. WOW! You guys jumped right in and started circling.

Very much like the disciples, we are learning every day and I still find myself asking God to teach me to pray. I don’t have it figured out and the desire to get closer to Him is stronger now than 40 days ago.

If we change the way we pray, everything changes. It changes the way we work, the way we parent, and the way we lead. It changes the way we prioritize and strategize. It changes the way we think, the way we feel, and the way we speak. Prayer changes everything from the inside out. (pg 222 – Draw the Circle)

Lord, thank You so much for changing us – from the inside out. I know that You have a mighty work for us to do. No matter where we are in our walk, Your presence is there. Help us to continue on this journey and never let us go back. Keep drawing us closer to You. Keep us on our knees. Keep us coming before You everyday. Give us a desire to want more of You.

Teach us to pray.



Want to continue daily encouragement until our next study?

Comment below and I will keep you on the team.

We are taking a break for a few weeks before we begin Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker. This study will involve 50 days of short readings and reflection. The start date will be determined soon and I will confirm orders in a few days.

I would love to hear from you in the coming weeks.

Some of you have let me know you need to catch up and that is just fine. Some want to go back and re-read parts of Draw the Circle or The Circle Maker. That’s what I am planning to do. The daily encouragement for the next couple of weeks will include highlights and stories from our experience.

Thank you again for taking this journey with me!




24 thoughts on “Day 40: Teach Us to Pray

  1. Starr, sign me up for the next study. I have a new desire to grow closer to our Lord and Savior. The encouraging daily posts and comments from these friends motivate me to continue to dig deeper.


  2. Thank You for all the encouragement along the way! What a great journey for all of us to share. I’ve learned so much in this study, my prayer life is forever changed. I appreciate your faithfulness….love you! Ready for the next study!


  3. I guess I’m in on the next one too. πŸ™‚

    Just kidding, I am looking forward to the next study in great anticipation.


  4. I am once again facing the possibility of cancer and surgery. As I read day 32 GET A TESTIMONY the words jumped out at me. I may never know why I’m on this path but maybe its creating a testimony that some one else needs to hear. Draw the Circle has challenged me to keep circling and trusting. I’m excited about the new study.


    1. Kay – I will keep you on my prayer list and will praying for God to touch you and speak to you in this time. Love you very much and glad you are joining us again.


  5. I’m definitely in on the next one! SO very much want to draw nearer my Savior. What a joy to share this journey with such wonderful people. You are truly an encouragement! THANK YOU to Starr and everyone!


  6. This has been great. I am in for the next study. Thanks Starr for all you had wor k and writing. It encourages me daily. Thank you for all those who comment it was wonderful to hear and feel your hearts.


  7. And don’t forget us lost sheep! Lol I’m in! I have to be cause two of these circlers are family and that means we can grow and pray in agreement or they pray thorns. Ouch! Just kidding you know who! This has been one blessed appointment I’ve been on and can’t wait to get together at this next Family reunion. Hope to see you all soon till then keep circling and let’s come back with some more Testimonies to share.


    1. Kenny – love your encouragement haha! Working on a wrap up of our journey through Draw the Circle and how to continue sharing with each other. I need the daily encouragement from everyone!


  8. Wow…. Prayer is more than I ever thought.
    Prayer is the difference maker in all things..
    Jesus help us all to be Faithful Watchtowers of prayer! Thank you Starr for inviting us to join this journey it has been amazing!!
    Looking forward to the next study Interrupted πŸ™‚


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