Day 39: You Never Know

But you never know when or where or how God will invade the routine of your life. (pg 216 – Draw the Circle)

You really never know.


I love how we are reminded in today’s reading that Moses had been tending to sheep for 40 years…

And then, BAM! Burning bush.

Moses surely wasn’t prepared for that scenario.

Do you think Moses lived each day in holy expectation of what God was going to do next?
Do you think Moses got up early to talk to God?
Do you think Moses ended up talking to God all day? I mean, pastures can be boring places.
Do you think Moses worried about when God would show up?

These are all things that go through my mind.

Then, we read about the guy that answered the pay phone in the middle of nowhere and the chaplain that needed glasses! Can y’all believe these stories? God really does know exactly where we are and where we need to be – all the time! And He knows how to get a hold of us too.

I’m crazy enough to believe these kinds of stories will happen for us, too.

I’ve been hearing the old song, “We are standing on holy ground” a lot lately. For some reason I have been drawn to it.

Today’s reading gave me a glimpse of maybe why.

Don’t wait to worship God until you get to the Promised Land; you’ve got to worship along the way. This is holy ground. This is a holy moment. Right here. Right now. Take off your sandals. (pg 219 – Draw the Circle)


Also – It’s 1 Word Wednesday. My word is HolyGround.

See, you really can make 2 words turn into 1 when needed 🙂

What’s your word? What is God drawing you to today?

Share it with us below – I’d love to hear from you.


13 thoughts on “Day 39: You Never Know

  1. Love. Simple word to throw out-but very difficult to follow through all the time. I hear this word alot amongst friends, family, see it written on facebook and in the bible and it is used very casually. As I have been reading this week I have realized this word is so powerful and hard. I want to love like Christ loves. Everyone. As we can not pick and choose who we love. Even when it is hard to love that person we have to pray for God to soften and change us so we can continue to love them.


  2. My 1 word is. Appointment! Lord may I be ready at all times to meet the appointments you lay in front of me. And may I have your ears to hear the Holy Spirit prompting me when those time come and to speak through me and use me Lord as your voice, and to show your Love! This I do pray and long for. Amen.


  3. My word is compassion. There are several people lately that are in my life that are difficult people that are now having problems and I need compassion for them and only Chist can give me that much for them,


  4. My word…AMAZED! I’m amazed that God cares for ME. That He cares about each of us on this incredible journey. Amazed that our prayers and efforts are being accepted by God Himself. It truly is an honor to be in His presence…to enjoy His promises, His love, His understanding, His mercy and grace. I stand AMAZED in the presence of Jesus the Nazarene…


    1. I’m thankful for you, mom! And that God chose for me to have YOU as a mom. Thankful for your faithful relationship with God that is a beautiful example for me and my children. Love you!


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