Day 38: My Watchtower

I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guardpost. Habbakuk 2:1

Do you remember reading about being a “Noticer” on Day 11? It was early on in our journey that we were introduced to the significance of the watchmen in the Old Testament. We learned that they had the best vantage points, saw things that no one else saw, saw things before everyone else saw them.

We also learned that this is what happens when we pray: we begin to see things that no one else sees, see things before others see them. We are all becoming God’s watchmen – and I can relate to these words now so much more than 27 days ago.

How about you? Are you slowly beginning to see a different way of life? I don’t want to go back. I refuse to let this end just because the 40 days are coming to a close.

There is a part of me that wonders how I lived so long without considering a life paved in prayer. I can’t help but wonder how much I have missed out on.

It’s never too late – and now is our time.

I am finding my own watchtowers at home – there are 3 of them:

– beside my bed

– in the living room floor

– the desk in my office by the front door (my favorite!)

These are the places I have learned to seek God during our challenge. They are all places that make me happy and draw me to linger. I’ve also found along the way that the more enjoyable and cleaner I make these places, I’m drawn to be there.

Until tonight, it hadn’t even hit me that I unknowingly cleaned out all 3 of those spaces during our 40 Day Challenge. The only semi-organized and tidy spot when we started was our living room floor. Then, I made my way into creating an office. And just last week I cleaned out our bedroom and my lovely cluttered side of the bed. It was time to move the suitcase from Brazil….hmmmm….don’t laugh, y’all!

It also helps to have things in view that trigger me to pray. Photos of our girls and our family always make me seek God for protection and coverings over them. I’m thinking of adding a calendar for writing to the wall, and maybe even a page with my list of what I want God to do in my life.

The thing that I love most about these spaces, is that our kids are starting to notice. Kylie knows that daddy is praying when he is in the guest bedroom. And Kayla said something about “that place you sit every morning when I go to school!”

I want them to realize that we are becoming a family of prayer.

We will create more watchtowers – places to seek God.

Where is the place that calls you to linger? Where can you be with no distractions? Have you ever considered dedicating a place in your home to being your “prayer closet?” Make it something beautiful that draws you in and captures your craving for being with our Maker.


8 thoughts on “Day 38: My Watchtower

  1. This is going to sound crazy to some of you but my car is where I seek God the most. I play our choir Cd and feel his presence. My kids aren’t interrupting me or the tv.I am searching still for a place inside my home. I want my kids to know that I am praying other than they see my journal and us talking about it. I love that I have learned that praying all day is better than praying just when I have a problem. I am not going back to the old way either. Let the journey continue!


  2. Starr, this is beautiful! I haven’t made such significant changes but I do have new habits and I’ve dug deeper in my commitment to carving out more time for prayer and The Word. I won’t go back to the way I was. Melissa, I also spend my commute listening to the choir CDs and 91.9, having my own church service! To God be the glory!

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  3. I thank God that I can go back to places in my home where I’ve prayed and remember what God has done. Praying on My love seat in the living room with a good friend Carolyn Griffin because I was facing surgery and God showed up give me peace and perfected my surgery. Praying in my spare room you with two other great friends that the spirit of fear would leave me and it lifted that night. Praying at the alter of my church that God would heal my broken heart and he did. Praying at my breakfast table with a great friend Carol Voss even acting out on our Faith setting a plate, glass and silverware for my husband. Anointing it with oil believing God would send me the right mate.Three months later I met Doug Burns. God is so good and going back and looking at those places renews my Faith. God help me to be a Faithful Watchtower remembering all your Faithfulness in my life.


  4. Yes, I Have Seen A Different Life Through Praying More. I Have Devoted More Time To Prayer & Praise Than I Have In A Long Time. What A Change I Feel In Myself As I Let God In To Work Through Me. Yes Starr, How Much Have I Missed For Praying Such Vague Prayers. We Will All Go Forward From Here & Grow & We Let Go & Let God. I Have Dedicated A Spare Room In My House & By My Bed For Kneeling To Pray . Look How Far We Have Come In 40 Days, Can’t Wait For The Next 40 Starr, I Could Never Laugh At U For Not Putting Away Your Suitcase. I Have Been In My Home 3 Years Now & Haven’t Unpacked.


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