Day 37: Binding

Contracts. Negotiations.

Bah humbug.

Not exactly words that make me feel all bubbly inside. I’ve known contracts to be something that aren’t very fun. I mean really, just how many contracts have I signed in my lifetime where I haven’t even read all of the fine details? Y’all know you’ve done it too.

Wouldn’t we all enjoy a more casual approach to life without legal jargon and 15 pages to sign, date, initial, etc?

Until something bad happens and then I need that contract to protect me.

Where exactly is that piece of paper I signed that said something about me being covered when THEY mess up??

And then it hits me…

Maybe I’ve taken that same casual approach far too long in my prayer life.

Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven. Matthew 18:18

When was the last time I created a “spiritual contract” with my prayers? Have I been serious enough with God to fully believe that He has given me a vision and that He will move and work to complete that vision? Have I ever truly bound anything in my prayers? Sadly, not so much.

Here we all are thinking we’re doing pretty good, then we read this stinkin’ Circle book and it messes us all up and we realize – HOLD UP! There is SOO MUCH MORE and we’ve TOTALLY BEEN MISSING OUT!

Anyone else feel like that?

I want to have such a vision from God that I’m bold enough to WANT to turn a crack house into a coffee house. I want to learn to dream big, pray hard, and think long. I want my limits to be pushed and my faith stretched.

Do you remember what that took for National Community Church and their coffee house vision? 5+ years and thousands of circles.

Am I willing to go into a contract with God today on something I’m believing for – knowing that there could be a difficult season of waiting and learning and stretching and building along the way?

I’m ready to start binding things in prayer. I’m ready to start agreeing with those around me. I’m ready to chain myself to the Word of God.

And I’m being careful as I pray to keep these things in mind:

The purpose of prayer is not to get what you want; the goal of prayer is to discern what God wants, what God wills. (pg 205)


It’s not about what we’re doing at all; it’s about who we’re becoming in the process. (pg 207)


It’s not about doing great things for God; it’s about God doing great things in us. (pg 207)


– Draw the Circle

What can you start binding today in your own life?


8 thoughts on “Day 37: Binding

  1. I had some of these same thoughts as I read today Starr. I want to be bold. I want to pray through. I want to know that when God speaks to me and says this is what I want you to do I will pray all the way through-even if it is 5 years! So whatever he has for us on that land let Living Praise Christian Ministries keep praying. As my family has come a long way I keep praying, we are walking closer to God. I want to leave my children a legacy-of prayer and God and everything that comes with that.


  2. Today I wrote at the top of my prayer journal, the purpose of prayer is not to get what you want; the goal of prayer is to discern what God wants, what he wills. Another way to keep my wants, desires, dreams and plans in line with God. He’s my guide NOT me! Lord help me to remember this…..Happy Monday!


    1. Sometimes this is one of the hardest things for me to remember as I constantly bring my requests before The Lord. The controlling side of me wants to pray my way, and I must let the Spirit take control. Happy Monday!


  3. Such a good word today. Agreeing with someone in prayer is like getting your prayer notarized. I want to bind and agree knowing that we are backed by the full authority of the King and his Kingdom. Prayers are chained to the promises of God. Discern what God wants, what God wills.


  4. I am reminded that I must wait on The Lord and trust that He knows best when and how to meet my needs. I need to rest in His embrace, dig deeper into His Word, and spend more time in my knees. God is faithful.


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