Day 35: Small Beginnings

Here we are friends – only 5 more days remaining in our 40 day challenge!

Today’s reading focused on this scripture in Zechariah 4:10:

Do not despise these small beginnings.

The story of the 6 people that started midday prayer gatherings in NYC is a beautiful reminder of how God can move in something so small and multiply it into an extraordinary movement.

Just think, from those 6 people, 10,000 people PER WEEK were converted into Christians!!

What do you think God is going to do with our 25 or so people that are praying crazy prayers in this challenge? He can take our ordinary efforts to pray and explode within our churches, our families and our workplaces.

Here’s the key: Don’t stop at the end of 40 days.

Yes, there will be days that you will struggle – like today. I am writing this blog post at 8:01am that I normally send out around 6am. I’ve already had people asking if they missed it…hahah…no!!!

But, I can’t let a day of running behind knock me off of my course. I have to continue and press on knowing that God is changing my life – one prayer at a time.

And as far as struggles – let’s revisit that topic that I brought up in the comments yesterday. I should explain that the point I wanted to make is that I never want you guys to look at me as if I have it all together. ‘Cause many of you know good and well that I DON’T!! I didn’t want that feeling that I got from reading my friend’s post to be one that you feel when reading my blog. I think God was reaffirming to me through this example that He wants me to stay humble and real in my writing.

Like Mark says in his church:

“Stay humble, stay hungry.” (pg 197 Draw the Circle)

And as far as me feeling like I don’t measure up, yes – I felt that for an instant when reading what my friend wrote. But, I don’t let those feelings of doubt and discouragement linger very long anymore. I am becoming more and more ok with the fact that I have a beautiful mess and that God is working through me – exactly as I am. The time I spend with God helps me to spill out all of those discouraging thoughts and replace them with reassurance that I am who He created and that He’s still workin’ on me!

Are you struggling with discouraging thoughts – about your family, your home, your job? Take those thoughts to God on your knees today. He is faithful to always replace them with encouraging words of hope and grace.

Have a beautiful Saturday, friends!

4 thoughts on “Day 35: Small Beginnings

  1. This Journey With Yall Has Been Amazing. Everyones Honesty And Sharing Has Helped Me As Much As The Study. Im Not Alone, As I Once Thought, with Searching For My Place. I Know God Is Going To Work Miracles In Our Group & Also As A Result Of Our Group. From 6 People Came 10,000. So With 24 Pentecost Can Happen. Be Ready, Tomorrow Could Be The Day.


  2. Yes, i know that if we continue to pray, that God will honor our petitions and be pleased with our commitment to taking steps to draw closer to him.


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