Day 34: A Remnant

At critical junctures in history, God raises up a remnant to reestablish His reign and rule. It’s rarely a majority. In fact, it’s almost always a small minority. But all it takes is a faithful few to begin a reformation. (pg 189 Draw the Circle)

A minority. Not a majority.

I believe God is stirring and raising up a remnant within our little group. He is ready to pour out a fresh anointing like never before. There’s been a reoccurring theme that I’ve seen over the past few weeks in my own life. It has to do with doing something you’ve never done to get something you’ve never had.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results.

How many of us have done that? Me included. We expect God to move in our lives and take us to new levels and do great things…but we don’t change our habits. We do the same things we’ve always done in our Christian walk and stand and wait on GOD to do it all. Is that how it works?

If we intercede like never before, God will intervene like never before. (pg 192 Draw the Circle)

My words are simple this morning: it’s time to do something different.

I don’t know what God is calling you to change, but if we listen and get into His Word, He will speak to us.

I believe there is a remnant within every church, within every city. It’s time to rise up. It’s time for reformation. The next great awakening won’t be the result of a planning meeting. Just as it was for Pentecost, it will be birthed in a prayer meeting. (pg 191 Draw the Circle)

It’s time for a prayer meeting. And it can happen in your own living room.


17 thoughts on “Day 34: A Remnant

  1. I feel the need to add thoughts this morning that I can’t get off my mind. I read a post yesterday that left me feeling like a friend has it all together and I just can’t measure up. Reading what she wrote about how successful her jam packed day of accomplishment had been left me feeling defeated and discouraged. If there is anything I want you to know and take away from this study, it’s this: I am right here with you. I don’t pray circles every morning and get up at 6am and do it all perfectly. I crash at night sometimes without turning the lights off, without brushing my teeth, without finishing the day in the Word, without getting on my knees. I wake up late. I have to write at 6:15am because I overslept. I tell my daughter to buy her lunch because I don’t have it all together to fix her lunch. I take naps – probably way too many naps. I have days where I just don’t want to get in the Word – it is a struggle. I would rather sleep. I eat bad foods when I know I need to be eating healthier. I snap at people at work and don’t think before I speak. I’m human, just like you. We are making progress. Perfection is not the goal. Getting closer to God is. Some days are going to be a mess. On those days, it doesn’t matter how messed up our plans get. All I know is that my heart has a longing to be closer to Him than ever before. And like Lysa TerKeurst says, I’m on a road of imperfect progress. Life isn’t all pretty, and I’m willing to admit that. I hope that we can all encourage each other in the midst of life’s ugly messes. Ok – climbing off my soapbox now. Happy Friday!


  2. And I will add to that point – Don’t compare your insides with other people’s outsides. To explain that – you know what is goin on in your life, your struggles (your insides) but you only see the calm, sophisticated appearance of other people outsides. The thing you have to remember is that they have their own inside struggles that they keep hidden from view. Just because you don’t see them doesn’t mean they aren’t there. The struggles are there for each of us.


  3. I know what you mean Starr. I am sooo guilty of comparing my self to others, but Brian said it perfectly, we are comparing ourselves to their outsides not their hearts. We all try to act like good people in public when others are watching. Yes, it’s time for a change, and why can’t it start right now in this group. I beleive this group is annointed to do special things and there’s no better time than the present. I have changed so much since day 1, I don’t pray anymore without kneeling, I tell my problems about God, I have a REGULAR time with God every day, no more vague prayers and on and on. Now it’s time for me to get up out of my cold seat in the church and testify. We could start a revival


    1. Yes, WE CAN start a revival – right inside our circles. And it can explode all around us! Thank you, Diane, for sharing. We are anointing to do great things!!


  4. Starr, don’t even start to think that there are people out there who have it all together, I don’t think I know anyone who does. They may seem to have the perfect life but if you stop and consider what’s behind what they show you, you will realize that ALL of us have struggles. They just come at different times in our lives. Take what you have, seize the moment, cherish the good AND the bad, learn from your mistakes, trust in The Lord and you will be fine.


  5. As I cried all the way to work today cause my plans were messed up, I realized I didnt miss my time- I just rescheduled it! I have no control over some things and I have to let God have complete control over everything. Life and our christian walk are not always going to be easy. It is easy to compare ourselves to others, but God is working on all of us. Starr I am sure like everyone God is molding you. And i know he is using you in the perfect times to bring his message to someone else in need. I needed your honesty today. Thank you. I do not have it together and I am sure most of us don’t. But with God we will get to a better spot. Keep praying! I feel revival stirring!


  6. I hate to tell you young folks…there is NO ONE who totally has it all together, no matter how old or “wise” you become. We are all human, we all have struggles, weaknesses, downfalls, hopes, dreams, bad days, good days, great days…but in the end, ALL that will matter will be what we do for Him. I’ve missed you guys!! And….I did walk my circles in the mountains. My friend Leigh walked with me and I got to share what’s been happening with us the last thirty something days!

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    1. Aunt Deb!!!!! You’re back!!! We missed you and I’m so glad to hear that you were able to do your circle walks in the mountains. AAND that you got to testify of what God has been doing!! Awesome!!!

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  7. Starr,
    This is what Joyce Meyers likes to call new level new devil! Of course she talks about going around the spiritual mountian. But in a way it’s the same here. This has just shown you where you still need growth. But satan wants you to look at as if you failed. Right? WRONG! Because you told your heart to us about how it made you feel unaccomplished. And what you can’t see is how a lot of us out here see your (Starr please forgive me!) so called messy house and we find it Beautiful. Or your Christmas trees that are up so long that the season is when you take them down. And the sometimes fake smile. Great husband, beautiful daughters, a blessing of a mother! Right freida? Oh yah and your dad. Lol and if we were honest here? Your life could make ours looks like we failed if we let these new devils sneak in and give us that stinkin thinkin. So instead keep up the good fight everyone. What Great testimony you all are giving lately. I love this phrase I heard not too long ago. You can’t have a TESTIMONY without first having or going through a “TEST”. I love you guys! Now Can I Get An Amen?!!!

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  8. I am reading you all the next day due to such a busy busy work schedule. Thank you Starr I didn’t get to either of my two appointments and felt like a failure. Your post got me through that one. I have tried to be perfect most of my life and failed. I want to be perfect and have the perfect house once I got one. The Lord showed me over the last several years as Brian told you Starr you never know what’s going on inside. A house close to us looked perfect like a magazine inside then we heard the fighting and saw her bruises. Now the house is in forecloser. That house has a broken window and is all torn up on the inside just like its owners. I guess it is ok to have dirty dishes and laundry and you can’t see my kitchen table as long as Kenny and I love God and want to be a blessing to others and get closer to Our Heavenly Father and make a difference in our family, friends and community. God and I are still working on this perfect thing I am a work in progress.


    1. Karen, I will never judge for the dirty dishes and the laundry, because you will always be able to find more at my house. Loving our families and spouses is much more of a priority in my eyes and if I’m choosing to spend more time with them instead of clearing out the sink, that’s ok. We are ALL a work in progress – and we will be until the day He takes us home! Love u!


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