Day 33: Holding Up Hands

I attended a benefit dinner a few nights ago for our local Crisis Pregnancy Center. It was a special night of learning more intimately about this ministry, their vision, their needs and their passion to reach others.

I’m not sure if this is happening to you all, but it seems everywhere I turn I am either seeing something or hearing something that reminds me of our Circle books? You too?

The founder of the Pregnancy Center spoke during her ministry update and at one point she started talking about the battle between the Israelites and Amalekites in Exodus. She talked about how when Moses lifted his arms, the Israelites would gain ground. She went on to say that when Moses got tired, God sent Aaron and Hur to stand with him and help hold his arms high.

The beautiful ministry update ended by Tara asking for help – to hold her arms high. She’s been running this ministry for 20+ years. She still has a vision of growth from God, she needs support, she needs resources, she needs people to help hold her tired arms high in the midst of God’s mighty work.

How many of us feel that exact same way right now in the midst of our own circumstances?

I opened my devotional book tonight and when my eyes hit the verse for today, I just let out a smile – because I knew God sent me a wink and a tiny little sign…”Yes, my child…listen closely…pay attention!”

Aaron and Hur held his hands up ~ one on one side, one on the other. Exodus 17:12

Not only do I need to be surrounded in my life by those that will help hold my arms high, I have to be the same for those that need me. God brings each of us to and through seasons where we need to depend on Him and those that He sends our way.

Do you remember the game Red Rover from childhood? I always DREADED this game as a youngster – probably because I was the wimpy kid that didn’t have an athletic bone in her body…just sayin’!

Anyways, the point of Red Rover was to lock arms and hold tight so that the other side couldn’t break through. If they got through, they got to take you with them back to their territory.

Isn’t that exactly like the enemy facing us on that other side? He’s running towards us, with all intentions of breaking through and pulling us to his side.

If we lock arms and hold onto to each other for dear life, he can’t do it. No matter how strong his force might be charging at us, we have the superkid on our side. His name is Jesus and He’s never lost a game yet! He’s standing right beside us – along with each other, arms locked and ready to face the battle.

Let’s hold each others’ arms, shall we?

I cannot tell you how much it means for you to share your experiences, your questions, your frustrations, your testimonies, your WHATEVER with our group.

Only when we know how to help, can we fully circle for each others needs.

I’m encouraged and motivated daily by you all. You are impacting my life and I too am forever changed by this journey we are taking together. God’s not done with us, He’s only just begun.

Also, I have really long arms if you ever need them 🙂


8 thoughts on “Day 33: Holding Up Hands

  1. I want to share with you all my struggle…I want to do something great, something big. I keep praying and asking God. Seeking. BUT What? Today God planted it in my lap! Smacked me in the face agian. AGAIN! It is ok not to be at the front. It is ok to be the Aaron and Hur! They are just as important as Moses. HE said be content with my plan for you my child. Be supportive, encouraging, pray for those that I need you praying for, love the impossible people.
    I want to do whatever Gods plan is for me. I want be part of his plan. No matter what. No matter how big or small my part it, it is important. And today I walk away happy and content. Thank you Jesus.
    Starr, I am here for you always. Thanks for always being here for me. As for those in the prayer circle I am praying for you too! I love reading what god is doing in you and your families. Sorry this was sooo long.


    1. Melissa – thank you so much for sharing this struggle. I’m in a very similar place. I want to write a book, I want to speak to people, but over and over I feel God telling me: I have to prepare you. Get in my Word, get on your knees. THOSE two things are the only priorities right now. Not figuring out how everything else is going to happen. And it takes discipline to do those two things. The struggle is real. Very real. Thank you for your encouragement!


  2. Focus on the footnotes… God will write the Headlines. Awesome word… We all need our arms lifted up! This last day battle is not easy but through a covering of prayer for each other we shall prevail! God what would you have me to do is my prayer.Something that makes a difference! Sitting on the sidelines and listening….. No getting out of the boat Crazy Faith…


    1. The footnotes!! Yes, Joanie. How many times do we skim right over the footnotes. I’m a headline kind of person. Lord, help me to pay attention to the footnotes and the things I’m missing that You have placed in front of me.


  3. Freida, I Can So Much Relate With Your Job Situation. I Once Had To Stay In A Job For Insurance. I Let This Job Steal My Peace, My Joy & I Became A Very Unpleasant Person To Be Around. As I Pray For You I Will Lift Up Your Job Environment & All Those Involved Who may Need God. He Is Right There With You , Just As You Would Be With Your Children In
    Troubled Times. Please Know You Are In My
    Prayers As I Hold Up My Hands To Our
    Heavenly Father.
    Melissa, I Have Prayed The Same Prayer, I Want To Do Something Big. Thank You For My Answer. It’s Ok To Not Be In The Front. Be Content Where I Am And He Will Move Me At The Right Time. Be Content Where I Am

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    1. Yes – praying for mom’s job and circling with her through this season. And Melissa brings such a great example of what so many of us are experiencing. Love the sharing!!


  4. I think we are all helping to hold up the arms of our circle friends. Every time we encourage each other by opening our hearts, we are holding up each other’s arms. Every time we testify to God’s goodness, we are holding up each other’s arms. Every time we stomp on satan’s head, we are holding up each other’s arms. Every time we tell our stories and know that we are not alone in our pain, we hold up each other’s arms. Every time we circle a promise and wait for the answer from God, we hold up each other’s arms. I feel better already, knowing that I can always count on all of you!


    1. Me too! We have a powerful force in a small little group that is crazy enough to start doing crazy things and pray crazy prayers for God to move in crazy ways!! Thank you all for holding each other’s arms!!


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