Day 32: Testify!

There’s a song we sing at church and it starts like this:

I believe I’ll testify, God’s been good to me.

Through every test and trial, I’ve got the victory

The enemy has tried his best to make me turn around, break me down

But my God has never failed me yet

So I’m gonna stand my ground

No matter what comes my way

I’ll lift my voice and say

Hallelujah anyhow

Do you ever remember being in a testimony service? Or maybe there was part of a service when people stood up to give their testimonies?

Where did we lose this? I will admit that there aren’t as many services where this happens at our church. Is that because we don’t give the opportunity? That needs to change.

When we share a testimony, we are loaning our faith to others. When we listen to a testimony, we are borrowing faith from others. Either way, the church is edified and God is glorified. (pg 177 Draw the Circle)

What’s your testimony?

Today is 1 Word Wednesday and my word is testify.

There have been several instances during this 40 Day Challenge where you all have shared your testimonies with me. I don’t know that I fully understood the importance of those testimonies until today’s reading. I realized that your faith and your first-hand experiences encourage me to keep going. I realized that your stories help me know that if God can do it for you, he can do it for me and for everyone else that seeks Him above everything else that this world has to offer.

Here is my challenge for today: go and tell somebody what He’s done for you – no matter how big or small.

You need a story of your own. It’s got to have your name on it. You’ve got to see it, hear it, taste it, feel it, touch it, and smell it for yourself. You need to go get a testimony! Then you need to share it. (pg 181 Draw the Circle)

Who’s with me?


17 thoughts on “Day 32: Testify!

  1. Well…ONE more post before I leave! Testify!! We actually still do that at my church. Usually on a Sunday evening. (What?? In a Baptist church??) LOL!! Yes, we do! I can NOT believe we are on day 32! This time has FLOWN by and like Freida, forever changed my view on how to pray, what to pray for, and what I need to do to be ALL He wants me to be. THANK YOU, Starr for being such as awesome leader!

    I have a one word for Wednesday…this I prayed this morning on my walk…WHATEVER. Not whatever in today’s connotation. but WHATEVER it takes for me to KNOW the glory of Him. I became emotional this morning as I began to think why I was moved to do my “Circles” each morning. He put on my heart that I needed to be obedient in the small insignificant things in order for Him to trust me with the bigger things. I WANT to see His glory…I WANT those surprises…I WANT for HIM to be praised in ALL I do. That is my prayer…WHATEVER it takes, to bring you the most Glory!!

    See ya’ll Friday! Keep Circling!

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    1. Beautiful words Aunt Deb! Yes!!!! Whatever He wants, WHATEVER it takes, I want to be found doing WHATEVER He has called me to do. I want to see the opportunities, act on those opportunities and THEN tell somebody what He has done!

      We will miss you – enjoy these few days away in His glorious creation. We love you!


  2. My word for today is agenda…….do we seek our agenda and what is convenient for us or do we seek God’s agenda?? Happy Wednesday!


  3. I truly believe testimony is a lost art in the church and among Christians in general! The scripture verse for today, jumped off the page and into my spirit. “They defeated/overcame him (the devil) by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of their testimony.” We live in a fallen world. We encounter defeat every day…whether we feel defeated or those around us experience it, defeat/failure is all around us. The enemy is walking around devouring, stealing, killing, etc. BUT, they overcame him by the Blood of Christ and their testimony! Tell your story today. You may have to speak to tell it but you can also tell it with your actions, your attitude, your gratitude, etc. Overcome/ defeat the enemy of your life with testimony today! The Blood of the Lamb covers you… What is there to be afraid of. We are victorious through Him!

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  4. My heart was so touch last night after the banquet. To see such a great testimony of how God is moving in people that have a vision. My intentions for giving last night was the ten dollars toward this ministry… Help Crisis Pregnancy center but when Gods is in it your heart is so joyful to give over and above. God is so good and has showed up for me so many times.My prayers is that I will be the vessel he can use to make a difference. Crazy Faith a Living Testimony!! Keep Circling


    1. Joanie – I too was very touched by the beautiful night at the banquet. I actually wrote about it for tomorrow’s update. What a blessing to see how God is moving in such a mighty way. And He needs us to DO SOMETHING! Crazy faith, crazy prayers, crazy good God!!!


  5. I have a testimony to share. My little John Luke (7 months) has been plagued with constant ear infections for about 2-3 months. He has been on 3 antibiotics and last week his pediatrician said our last option before tubes being put in was an antibiotic shot. It was a series of 3 shots. Long story short, last Wednesday night at the very end of our service a lady in our church began to testify. She talked about how God had just gone over and beyond meeting a need that she and her husband had been praying about. Throughout her testimony she stressed that sometimes we don’t get an answer because we do not ask. As I stood there I began to think about John Luke. I have prayed and prayed for God to heal his little ears. After her testimony I asked if the church and the elders could have special prayer for him. I took him, he was annointed and we prayed. It was very powerful and annointed. He went back on Thursday morning and one ear was totally clear; however, the right one was not clear. My doubting faith (Lord forgive me) began to question whether or not the Lord would completely heal him. Saturday night after I laid him down in his crib I just had a prayer meeting right there on the floor. I was so convicted as I knelt down and almost began to ask God to heal him. Instead I just began to tell God over and over “I trust You”. On Monday, John Luke went back for his final appointment. Both ears look perfect and he didn’t even need the third shot of antibiotics. Sure, the antibiotics may have contributed to this; but I choose to believe that the Lord healed him! I am trusting God for no more recurring ear infections.


    1. I seriously cried as I read your heart pouring out into the words on the screen. Thank you so much for sharing. I read your testimony to our choir tonight. God is so faithful to show up – never early, never late, always right on time! He’s so good and I’m thankful for answered prayers for John Luke!


  6. After reading todays lesson I decided immediately my word for today would be Testify. I know this was your word also Starr but this word came to me immediately. Never thought of the impact it could have on others for me to get up out of my seat and testify. This is my chance to glorify God for all He continually does for me. I sit in Church each Sun and never publicly speak out for God, this is not the Churchs’ fault, it’s mine. Our testimony should be just as important as our prayer requests and we have no problem speaking those. This could the time, and we could be the group, to bring it back. It doesn’t require a lot of thought, if you’re at church Sun – then you have a testimony.


  7. I guess testify is the word for today! I shared at choir practice tonight that my job has been so stressful in the last few months that recently I would be in tears almost every day. As you all know, I decided to start circling my team and praying for them and for myself at the start of day. I just realized yesterday that since I started praying over my team, I haven’t been brought to tears by the circumstances! I have asked God to take my anxiety and hurt on His shoulders because I cannot carry it alone. Praise God, he never fails!


    1. Oh mom. Your brokenness and faithfulness are so very real. God has not forgotten you and you have baffled for so long. I believe He is moving and that He is honoring your prayers. Keep circling and know that I am helping to lift up your arms. Love u!


  8. Freida,
    I want to say thank you for your testimony tonight at choir. But this time not by what you said! But also with the raw emotions in which you shared them. Because you see freida I see that as strength before The Lord because you can come broken. And some days I feel cold because when things get tuff instead of shedding tears and becoming broken the way I think god likes us because that’s when we give it all to him. I tend to shut down and can’t cry out or just cry! And listening to you tonight I received the honor of weeping with you and the Father our God.
    Thanks again. To all the circle, for everyone here in this group has in some way helped move, inspirer, and bring change in this man. By challenging me to walk closer to my Heavenly Father and well? May we keep on this journey together till the father calls us home. So we can hear the great journal anwserings that are to come as they come. Because I believe after 40 days most of us will just be CRAZY enough to BELEIVE these prayers to be answered! Can I get A AMEN?!!!


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