Day 31: What is your Jericho?

Today’s reading is partly taken directly from the original Circle Maker book.

In Matthew 20:32, Jesus was on His way out of Jericho when 2 blind men begged for His attention. Jesus stopped and asked this:

{What do you want me to do for you?

And Jesus is still asking this question of each one of us today!

What promise are you praying around? What miracle are you marching around? What dream does your life revolve around? (pg 174 Draw the Circle)

I read this section of The Circle Maker early on during our 40 Day Challenge. Mark talks more in-depth about how he wrote his list on a rock. This rock stays in his office and he still prays over that rock today. And not everything on the rock has come to be. There are still unanswered prayers.

Don’t worry about when God answers or how God answers. That isn’t our responsibility. Our responsibility is to simply discern what God wants, and then humbly yet boldly to ask Him for it. And God will throw in a few holy surprises along the way because He may spell the answer differently than we spelled the request. (pg 174 Draw the Circle)

We had a new friend join our 40 Day Prayer Challenge just last week. She started at the beginning and she also has the Circle Maker book. I was so happy to see a comment that she added to one of our early posts just yesterday. She finished reading about the rocks Mark created and at 9pm she went right outside and got her some rocks!! She wrote her list down and now she’s circling those rocks everyday! Amen!!

I shared my list once before, but thought I would share again what I have been praying in my own life. I have this page bookmarked in my journal. I’m thinking of typing them up on a page and putting them on my office wall so they stay in front of me everyday.

dream list

What is your Jericho?


If you can’t answer this question, stop reading. Get into God’s presence and get an answer! Obviously, the answer to this question changes over time. We need different miracles during different seasons of life. We pursue different dreams during different stages of life. And we stake claim to different promises during different situations. It’s a moving target, but we have to start somewhere.
Why not right here, right now?


Define your dream. Claim your promise. Spell your miracle.


(pg 175 Draw the Circle)


5 thoughts on “Day 31: What is your Jericho?

  1. Well…I will be out of touch for a couple of days. Headed to the mountains tomorrow until Friday with 45 fifth graders! Fun, Fun!! No internet, no phone service, no tv…just God’s beautiful creation and rug rats!! It is a fun trip, but 24/7 with kids is hard at my age! I did want to share a story our pastor told Sunday night. It’s about the song Matt Redmon wrote and sings…the heart of worship…the church he’s minister of music at in England had an extensive program of music, orchestra, soloists, etc…The pastor noticed that people were not participating, they were just sitting as if there for a concert or to be entertained. He told Matt to remove all music, orchestra, soloists, etc…just to sing acapello (sp) …the first few Sundays there were just a few voices heard, but after a few weeks, they noticed everyone was starting to sing…there was true worship and focus on the meaning of the words. I thought …that is what we need…to get away from all the fluff, the distractions, and get to the heart of worship. Showing our Lord and Savior just what He means. I pray that I never lose sight of WHO is the one we sing to, pray to…owe our everything to. See you in a few days! Aunt Deb


    1. It is so funny that you mention this very song. It came out when I was in college and I can remember so many great services where we sang this song – only with a singer and a guitar. Simply worship. So powerful. And I’ve been hearing this very song play on Pandora for the past couple of weeks. Every time I hear it I am moved by the words to get back to what it is all about: JESUS! Love you and safe travels!!


  2. I can’t believe that we are on the last 10 day stretch of this journey. I will forever have a different view on how I need to connect with God and what I need to contribute in order to realize all that God has and wants for me. There is still so much for me to learn in this walk with The Lord. I signed up for the online study of The Best Yes, I will see how much I can get done during the week. I may have to catch up on the weekends!


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