Day 29: Sing a NEW SONG

There’s a song we sing at our church that is one of my favorites:

Sing unto the Lord a new song

Sing unto the Lord all the earth

Sing unto the Lord a new song

Sing unto the Lord all the earth

For God is great

And greatly to be praised

For God is great

And greatly to be prai – ai- ai- ai- aised!

That song is all I could think about when reading today’s scripture text and our daily reading. And as a worship leader, I was especially drawn into what Mark had to say about worship lyrics. This part right here is so good that I am totally gonna have to read it to our congregation in the morning (those of you at our church can just act like you’re hearing it for the first time haha):

Can you imagine a marriage in which the only expression of love is through Hallmark cards? You never put your love into your own words; you just use someone else’s words. That’s how many of us worship God. We never go beyond the lyrics that someone else has written. Without lyrics on a screen, we’d have nothing to say, nothing to sing. (pg 161 Draw the Circle)

Funny story related to this topic: A few weeks ago I started sending Brian random text messages during the day. They were things like: “If I had the choice to marry you now, I’d do it all over again!” Cheesssy, I know!! I did this for several days in a row. Finally, he sent me a message saying how much he really enjoyed my random messages throughout the day.

Well, I FINALLY confessed that I had actually been hearing the Family Life Today radio minutes on our local Christian station. The host typically ends each segment giving listeners an action item related to your marriage or family – usually something to do or say to the ones you love. So, I started doing just that. I knew that if I waited til I got home, I would forget. So I started sending them immediately. Ha!

You can imagine how much love Brian felt. He said something about not being personal and genuine…blah blah. I thought I should receive at least SOME credit for doing what they told me to do, right?? Well, that’s exactly how God must feel when all we do is talk to Him and worship Him using something someone else told us to say! Maybe it’s a good place to start, but we have to take it a step further and make it our own.

It is so easy to get caught up in just going through the motions – in church and in life. Our prayers can become rituals – and that has happened to me during our 40 day journey already. Some mornings, I find myself just repeating over and over what I said the day before – with no passion or emotion. It’s then I usually start feeling like I’m gonna fall asleep.

When this happens, I know that I have got to get out of my routine and pray a new prayer to the Lord. Usually, I get up from where I’m at. If I’m kneeling (which I just started doing during our challenge), I will start walking around. I spent one morning walking around my office desk about 50 times. It was hilarious. But, it kept me awake and it got me stirred to pray and talk to God about new things. Whatever works, people!

It’s great to remind ourselves of what Mark said: “God doesn’t want all of us to pray the same way.”

What works for me, might not work for you. What God is calling me to do, may not be what He’s calling you to do. The important thing is this: just pray. Mix it up, don’t let it get boring. Fitness instructors will tell you to do the same thing with your workout routine (right, Marilyn??).

Let’s all go to church today and think about the words we sing a bit differently, shall we? And don’t forget the Sabbath, let’s spend some time lingering with our Savior – maybe even write Him our very own love song.

Sing unto the Lord a new song!


11 thoughts on “Day 29: Sing a NEW SONG

  1. I’ve tried to change up how I’m writing in my prayer journal. Sometimes I just list how I want God to change me for the better. Other times I write down names and situations of family and friends who have special needs in their lives. I find myself writing down song lyrics because I spend a lot of time in my car with just me and 91.9 or our choir practice CD. Songs stay in my head all day! Any song I would make up would not be nearly as good as what others have come up with. Starr, I thought of the same song when I read this chapter! I will sing a new song today!


    1. I think having a song in our heart is great – it is a wonderful way to start! I’m challenged by our reading today to not let those songs be all there is. To make the words personal and to make sure I’m talking to God in my own words in addition to these songs. A new song, yay!


  2. I’m surprised this reading today didn’t start out with my name…this is exactly how I had felt for years…I was going thru the motions, doing all I could at church, being the “good” Christian. I don’t want to be the “good: Christian anymore! I want to have more of Him! I want to show His love in everything I do throughout the day. I’ve started saying NO to some things at church and other places because I was doing them just because…I don’t want the ordinary anymore..I want the extraordinary!! If I have to give up some things or fast from some things (like Facebook…starting today, for a week…..this will be REALLY hard, it has become a habit, checking it 5-10 times a day) then I will do it. Will it be difficult to get out of that ole routine? YOU BET, but if that is what it takes for me to feel alive in Him again, that’s what I will do. Happy Sabbath…sing HIM a new song today!


    1. I want the extraordinary too!! And the Facebook fast is great. I’m thinking of joining for a bit this week! Thank you for encouraging us with your obedience. Love u!


  3. Deb I agree. I was having my prayer time yesterday thinking the same thing. I feel like I am going through the motion. I bring the same people with same situations 2 to 3 time a day. Is this ok? Is there more? Am I missing something? Lord help me??I don’t want to just go through the motion of prayer. I want to see change in me, my family and friends.


    1. Karen, I think it is fine to continually bring our requests to God. But we have to ask ourselves if there is anything additionally He is asking us to do or to change as a result of our prayers. If we are listening and staying in His Word, we will hear His still small voice. It is then that we have to be obedient. That is the hard part!


  4. Wow! Today was great! Aunt deb-i started fasting facebook yesterday. I spend so much time on social media I lose sight of God and my family. Time to do things differently.
    Starr thanks for pointing out that he wants our prayer but that it will be different from each of us. As I have struggled this week with “being a good mom” I realize that even in my bad moments I am teaching my kids I am not perfect and have to ask for forgiveness. I am actually using this to show Josiah that he needs to start a prayer journal now. We are going to buy it and some color pens at the end of the week. Pray thru everything. Thank goodness everyday is a different challenge. Thank God that these moments do not define me as a good or bad mother. And thank you Mom for taking me to church even as a rebellious teeneager so I would be able to show my children grace and forgiveness are real. Jesus is real and so is his forgiveness. As I continue this fast next I know that the Lord will be with me hearing my prayers and praises!


      1. Love you too Starr. You are not alone. Actually if most moms would be honest we all have these days-probably too often, especially if you have more than one child! I am glad God has placed us together too. Call any time. Always here for you!


  5. I want this….we sang this old song today at church…”This is my story, this is my song, praising my Savior all the day long! This is my story, this my song, praising my Savior all the day long.” I want that to be my legacy, that I sang His praises all the day long…no matter the consequences, circumstances, negativity of life, discouragements…I will sing His praises! THANKS for the encouraging comments. I’m coming to you all instead of Facebook. MUCH more vital to my life…:)

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    1. LOVE that song Aunt Debra! Asking God to do that in me today. Make my song all about praising Him. No matter what my circumstances are! And I just deleted the Facebook app off my phone đŸ™‚


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