Day 27: We Mean Business

An empty stomach may be the most powerful prayer posture in Scripture. It’s even more powerful than kneeling! It shows God that we mean business. And when we fast, God makes our business His business! (pg 154 Draw the Circle)

Ah, here we are back on the topic of fasting…

Does anybody feel like you MEAN BUSINESS? Are you desperate for God to move in every inch of who you are, in every aspect of your family, your job, your relationships? Have you prayed and prayed and still feel like you need a breakthrough?

Have you given up anything in order to receive that breakthrough and more of God?

I will admit, I’ve been struggling with this fasting thing. Especially when it comes to fasting food. I really, really like food. I have thought about fasting several times over the past few weeks, then I get hungry. And so I eat. It’s terrible, actually. Then there was the one day at work this week where I got busy and lunch time passed. I really did ask Brian and Marilyn if I could just consider that my fasting since I didn’t eat lunch!! Ya’ll know you’ve thought about that before!! (Don’t worry…I didn’t REALLY think that counted as fasting…)

One could say that my willpower is severely lacking. And one would be correct.

I can’t even stop drinking soft drinks for goodness sake!!!

Let’s face it: some mornings I struggle just to stay awake and pray at 6am. I feel just like the poor disciples that couldn’t keep watch for an hour and pray with Jesus in the garden:

Then Jesus gets to the heart of the matter: “The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.”  Truer words were never spoken. Most people have a willing spirit. It’s the weak flesh that gets in the way. The problem isn’t desire; the problem is power and, more specifically, willpower. (pg 152 Draw the Circle)

Well, amen to that!

Prime example of the flesh against our spirit: how many of you joined in on the challenge from yesterday to try and pray all day? How did it go?

Y’all. I kept forgetting about it. I got so flustered. I would be riding down the road and then I’d think about the person I just met, or the email I just answered..and oh, man, I forgot to pray!! So I spent all day doing make up prayers, ha.

However: how much more did I think about and pray for those around me today than I ever have before? TONS!

That’s progress! That’s a success! Was it perfect? No. Is that ok? YES!

Today was like being the rookie. Of course I got flustered. This is a new perspective, new ballgame. And I’ve got another day tomorrow to start all over and try again!

And that I will do.

If you didn’t join in yesterday, give it a try today. There is no failure. Failure is to not try and think that this is for everyone else. Any movement at all towards God is success and brings you one step further than you were before.

Now, for this fasting thing: I could really use some encouragement from those of you that have been doing this or even those of you that have been thinking about it like me. What are your thoughts? What is God prompting you to do? Have you done it yet? Was it easier than you thought? What’s holding you back? How can we help and encourage one another?

Comment away!


15 thoughts on “Day 27: We Mean Business

  1. I have been thinking about fasting as well….but I am not thinking of food, I am thinking about fasting coffee, that is a bigfer sacrifice for me. I have also thought about fasting facebook/instagram social media ect…see how that will impact my walk with he Lord….I thought about starting Sunday. Beginning of the week. I go without food all the time so I don’t feel like that is what the Lord would want from me. I haven’t fasted in a long time but I think after reading today social media may be something good to fast along with coffee for day or two. But yall watch out if I go without coffee!!! I was inspired by Damin- he went without tea for a week- he survived I think I will too. And I will at least know what I will be fasting for-he had no idea!


    1. Thank you for sharing what God is prompting you to do, Melissa. Those are excellent examples of what it looks like to give up something that will be a sacrifice for you. I love how God brings each of us to a place in our own personal walk and lets us know where He is leading us to go deeper in Him. Please give us all a warning when you give up coffee 🙂


  2. First off, I never miss a meal. Heck, sometimes I will have a “meal” between meals just because I feel hungry. However, at the beginning of starting this challenge and even a few days before I felt lead to start fasting some. Has it been easy, no. Has it been hard, honestly no. The thing I have learned over these few weeks is that if I think about the food I am missing I get hungrier quicker. If I keep my mind on other things, like God, then I don’t miss the food nearly as much.

    I do not pray often enough while fasting so that is my struggle. I will keep working on it though.


  3. I don’t believe fasting is something that should be easy. And I agree with Melissa in that sometimes God will promt your fasting to be something other than food. Because you’re crucifying the flesh. And when you start to feel that tug or pull that says give in or this is tuff or HEY! This Is Your Body Talking!!! I Need ????? Now Or I’m Going To Make You FEEL BAD!!! Those are the moments when we cry out our desires to God and let Him know that this pain we feel is the same hunger we feel to be closer to Him. That we want! No! We need Him more than that which we are craving. It’s not easy but if we can do it, Jesus said there are some things that can only be taken away through fasting and prayer.


    1. Kenny!! Such true words. Thank you for sharing from such a real place and reminding us all what it is really about: drawing closer to Him and needing Him more than the things in this life that we have grown to depend on.


  4. I agree with Kenny that fasting should be hard, giving up something that makes us reflect on God. I fasted Diet Dew this week, but that wasn’t so hard. Next week I plan to fast some meals, to show God that I mean business! I’ll let you all know how that goes!


  5. Have to agree with Kenny…fasting should be painful. We should FEEL it. I gave up Diet Dew a couple of years ago for the six weeks of Lent. It was hard because I was drinking 2-3 a day. I don’t drink them very often at all anymore. I drink tea. I,too, have been thinking of fasting from something other than food..I think of the time I spend on social media. I may try that for a week beginning Sunday. Will let you know how it goes.

    I have a story though…I’ve been spotted (on my morning walks) by the neighborhood “Watch”. My next door neighbor called me last night to say the neighbor behind us called her yesterday to say that someone was walking around my backyard about 5:00 or a little after yesterday morning…casing my house. Both neighbors have dogs and they sometimes start barking. But the most interesting part of the story is that my neighbor was told there were TWO people walking. I kinda got a chill as I remembered the story from Daniel…”I see not three people in the fire…but four, and it looks like the Son of God”. WOW!! Now I KNOW it was just me, He wouldn’t be walking my circles with me, would He?


    1. Aunt Debra – the social media thing is VERY REAL! How much time do we give online instead of giving that to God? And then we say we don’t have time to read our Bibles or to pray, but we’ve been on Facebook 10x today! I’m absolutely guilty of this in every way.

      And for your story: OH MY GOODNESS!! Thank you so much for sharing. That brings chills. I know that God is walking with you and that He is stirring up mighty things in your life because of your faithfulness to be crazy and do something out of the ordinary. I’m believing to hear about things to come in your family for YEARS that are results of the prayers you’ve prayed in walking those circles. God is good, ALL THE TIME!


  6. WOW, Aunt Debra! (Can I call you Aunt Debra too?) Your story is amazing! I got chills and tears. Tears of Joy realizing that even though we can not see Jesus, He is always with us. This is exactly what I needed to hear today. This has so encouraged me today! Thank you for sharing.


  7. Wow Aunt Debra! (Guess you’ve accumulated a few nieces) that just brought tears to me eyes!! Maybe He so was walking with you. What an inspiration. I love that you shared that! I did the Beth Moore Daniel study which is fantastic btw if anyone gets a chance to do it… The Holy Spirit sure was in the fire with Daniel that day!! And I believe He is with us and can show up in some mighty and visual ways 🙂


  8. Thank you sweet “nieces”! I will take all the nieces you all will give me. I was reluctant to share the story, BUT it wasn’t anything I did…someone else witnessed it. Whether or not it was Him or His angels, or just the poor eyesight of a lady in the predawn light…it gave me reassurance that no matter what, HE is with me all the time. Even when we may not feel Him or realize He’s there, God is with us!! Thanks for the encouraging comments. SO glad to be a part of this awesome group! Saturday blessings to all!


  9. Debra, I can only imagine now that your neighbor will be up early again to see what you’re up to! You are inspiring us all, just your dedication to keep it up is so encouraging. I am sure God will honor your obedience!


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