Day 26: Challenge – Pray ALL DAY

If you are reading this post first thing in the morning, I challenge you to one simple thing today:

Let’s pray ALL DAY!

If you are reading in the middle of the day or at night, start now and do it for the next 24 hours.

Am I asking you to sit at home in your prayer closet? Nope. Read the daily devotional if you haven’t already.

I am compelled by the stories of the prayer experiment and of Brother Lawrence. Funny thing about Brother Lawrence – a friend in college gave me a book by him that I never got into or really read. Now I have this crazy desire to go find that book and read more about his journey.

Isn’t that how God works? He’s never late, never early, but right on time! I don’t think it is a coincidence that God placed a random book about Brother Lawrence the monk in my hands 13 years ago. God knew the very moment that I would be sitting here wanting to know more about a monk that washed dishes and prayed. Seriously. #truth

The simple act of praying for everybody he encountered turned the routine of life into a daily adventure. (pg 145 Draw the Circle)

A daily adventure? HEY…that’s my kind of life. How many times would my attitude have a much needed adjustment if I started taking this approach? What if God has me intersecting paths with specific people because I am meant to lift them up in prayer? Imagine that: prayer instead of complaining and being a garbage magnet for negativity….just sayin’.

Anybody out there worry much?

If you worry about everything, you’ll have a much higher likelihood of praying without ceasing if you simply learn to turn your worries into prayers. The Holy Spirit can redeem your anxious thoughts by using them as prayer triggers. Think of worry as a prayer alarm. Every time it goes off, you put it to prayer. And when you do, you’ll discover that your anxieties will evaporate like early morning fog. (pg 146 Draw the Circle)

And there was much rejoicing from all the worriers out there! I see the fog lifting in the beautiful morning sun!

What if you stopped reading the newspaper and started praying it? What if you turned lunch meetings into prayer meetings? What if you turned your chores into prayers? (pg 147 Draw the Circle)

For me, this looks like:

  • What if I started marching prayer circles around every home that we list and asking God to move in the transaction, the family leaving and the family coming?
  • What if I started praying circles around every home, client and team member that comes across my computer screen and email during the day?
  • What if I pray before walking into a meeting and then pray a blessing for those involved as we leave? (no matter how mad they made me in the meeting!!)
  • What if I continue praying for people at my kitchen sink? What if I keep my prayer list taped above the sink on the wall and look at it every time I stand in this place to wash dishes or prepare a meal?
  • What if I start and end my day by talking to Jesus – instead of letting the television be the first/last thing I see or hear, instead of refreshing my facebook feed before I turn the lights off, instead of checking emails/text messages as soon as my eyes are open?
  • What if I hit my knees on the floor – even if it is for 1 minute – as soon as I wake up and immediately before I go to sleep? What if this one thing has the potential to completely change my life, set the tone for my entire day and a peaceful night’s rest?
  • What if I sing worship songs in the shower and give God my thoughts instead of wondering aimlessly about who knows what and worrying?
  • What if I start praying for my kids out loud as I tuck them in each night and pray a prayer of protection on them as they walk out the door every morning? (hopefully they will get over the initial shock/weirdness and stop looking at me strangely after a week or so)

I’m just crazy enough to try all of this for the next 24 hours. And if I don’t succeed, I’m just crazy enough to keep trying until I do…

Anyone care to join me?

The reason most people don’t feel intimacy with God is that they don’t have a daily prayer rhythm.


God wants a day-by-day, hour-by-hour, minute-by-minute relationship with you.


The shortest distance between you and God is the distance between your knees and the floor.


Prayer isn’t a sentence that begins with “Dear Jesus” and ends with “Amen.” In fact, the best prayers don’t even involve words at all. The best prayer is a well-lived life, day in and day out.


(pg 148 Draw the Circle)

Ready. Set. Pray.

(Or…Pray. Set. Ready. If you go back to Day 20, ha!)


13 thoughts on “Day 26: Challenge – Pray ALL DAY

  1. I’m in! Let’s see what happens! I have a feeling that as I pray for all the people and things that cause me pain and worry that it will be ME that changes, not them.


  2. I am in complaining, moaning and groaning isn’t getting me any where. My next line was going to be let’s give it a try. Maybe God is trying to show us that prayer should be the first thing we do not the last in depesperation. When we have tried everything else.


    1. Oh how often we leave prayer as that last ditch effort and cry out in desperation. I want to change that in my life and make prayer so normal that it is like breathing!!


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