Well, here we are on Day 24 and I’m writing at my normal time so that everyone won’t think I overslept 🙂

There’s been something on my mind for the past few days that I’ve been trying to find the right moment to bring into our study and BAM! Today’s reading goes EXACTLY where God was prompting my heart to go with you all.

As we began this journey together, I was so excited to share with you what I have been learning through the Circle Maker book and the Draw the Circle devotional. These are excellent resources in my opinion that take us deeper in our walk with Christ and help us to think about prayer differently than ever before.

What I did not want to happen was this: that anyone would think these books replace your time in the Word. Or that anyone would get so caught up in these resources that they neglect the Bible. One thing I love about both books is how each chapter is grounded in Scripture. And Mark constantly takes us back to examples in the Bible that talk about what we are learning.

How do I use these resources as a COMPLIMENT to the Bible? A lot of times, I will open my Bible to the exact scripture that is used in our daily reading and go read more. What is the full story? What else can I take away from what we are learning in our daily reading?

Other times I will open up the concordance in the back of my Bible and search for more scripture that goes with our topic. I also love to read Psalms and Proverbs. Those books give me Scriptures that are easy to pray for myself.

Am I perfect at this? NO. Do I struggle? YES.

I’ve never felt like one that has mastered the art of daily Bible reading. Now, other people around me do – they have a certain time everyday that they read. I’m such a scattered non-scheduled crazy kind of person that it just hasn’t happened like that for me…shocker, I know!

I will say that getting up earlier each day gives me more of an opportunity than I’ve ever had to get into the Word with God. I’ve always been one with the GREATEST of intentions, but Mrs. Busybody took over and daily reading time got buried in the hundreds of other things I was trying to finish before my snoring head hit the pillow. And when that happens…I’m out!

One of my favorite points from today’s reading:

So how do we hear the voice of God?


The first thing to do is open your Bible. When you open your Bible, God opens His mouth. The surest way to get a word from the Lord is by getting into God’s Word. God will speak to you. Then God will speak through you.


(pg 137 Draw the Circle)

We’ve all been there: I feel so dry. I don’t see God. I don’t hear God. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do in this situation or that situation. I’m so frustrated and I feel so alone. I’m burned out, exhausted. I don’t feel like God is anywhere near me right now.

How much are we burying ourselves in the Word during those times?

Yes, it is HARD! This is NOT EASY. Not one bit.

And let’s just take it a bit further, shall we…let’s get RADICAL for just a hot minute:

When too much white noise invades my life and I’m having a hard time hearing the voice of God, I’ll often go into a season of fasting. Fasting is like noise cancellation. It helps me tune out the voices I shouldn’t be listening to and tune into His frequency. (pg 137 Draw the Circle)

Did you catch that little paragraph where Mark talks about the amazing group of influential business leaders he met in Ethiopia?

What I discovered during my visit is that they have one thing in common: all of them spend one day a week in prayer and fasting. Many of them don’t even go into work on that day! We may be tempted to think they’re less productive because they give up a day of work, but maybe they are more productive because they waste far less time on nonproductive pursuits. (pg 136 Draw the Circle)

When was the last time I fasted an entire day? When was the last time I put aside even HALF of a day to spend in prayer? Believe me, I know that most everyone in this group cannot afford to stop working one day a week to just sit at home and pray and fast. I know that may not even be an option.

But, what CAN we do?

What if THIS LITTLE GROUP of 25 people became known as the crazy people that started seeing revival and miracles and God’s Holy Presence moving in their daily lives? What if someone studied them and found that the common denominator was that they were all dedicated to prayer and fasting like IT IS THEIR JOB???

What if we open our Bibles, get on our knees, skip some meals and let God know we are STINKIN’ SERIOUS?

I’m ready. I’ve never been ready like this in my entire life. And I’m so glad you’re here with me.

And my mom just left a comment on yesterday’s post telling me to go to bed. Goodnight 🙂


18 thoughts on “Day 24: OPEN YOUR BIBLE

  1. Wow. What I feel God saying is being confirmed through you. I have set aside two times for reading. One for this challenge and one for bible reading. God I feel has been telling this last weekend draw close to me. Get in my word. Take time for me. That means I have to make time on purpose. Now I have two appointments with God one very early in the morning and one in the evening. I want to see change in me and my family. Thanks Starr for writing what God tells you.


    1. I am doing the same Karen, one early morning time and another study time late at night. My mind is WAYY more alert for the evening, so I feel that time allows me to absorb more 🙂


  2. I did the same thing Starr. I open to the scripture verse and read at least that chapter, it’s helpful for me. In the beginning of this challenge I have to admit I did not turn to scriptures as I do now. I hurried so fast through the first 5 days to catch up with yall, I did it without referring to the Bible. Todays lesson tells me – when I open the Bible, God opens His mouth. Wish it were that simple. I’m still waiting to hear from His on lots of things and am beginning to think He has left me alone to make my own decisions. Then I wonder if there is something I am suppose to do and haven’t done, or do I have any unconfessed sin I’m not aware of. Does anybody else experience this. I just want Him so badly that His Peace is overwhelming and His presence fills me.


    1. Diane, I purposefully waited (in keeping with yesterday’s post hah) to see what kind of responses we would get to your comment today. I hope that you are encouraged by seeing that you are not alone in how you feel. We all go through times like this. For me – it can even be worship at church on Sunday mornings. There are some Sundays that are so very difficult for me as a worship leader and I walk down from the stage feeling like: God, where are you?!?!? I believe that in those times when it is very difficult to feel His presence, that is when He wants us to trust Him MOST. That is faith. Believing when there is nothing to see. Believing and trusting when there is no answer and no proof. God doesn’t change and He is still there. We will lift you up and ask for God to reveal Himself and His answers to you in His perfect time. Keep pressing in and know that you have an army behind you, marching and circling!!


  3. Diane, I feel like that too quite often. But after reading today’s chapter and Starr’s wonderful blog, God is calling me out. I have to set apart another time during the day for reading His word and allowing it to soak in. Maybe God is trying to teach me to linger more.


  4. It is great to hear that I am not the only one having to set aside more than one time. Thank you all for your honesty. I know God has something truly special for us as we draw closer to him.


  5. God never fails to amaze me!! I have two people that I have been interceding in prayer for a long time. I’ve been waiting for the holy spirit to let me know when I should start fasting. On Sunday I received that nudge. If you’re wondering why I didn’t just jump in and fast, you must have more willpower than I do!! And…I have to admit that I need to spend more time reading God’s word and listening for his voice.


    1. Kay – I am RIGHT THERE WITH YOU! Fasting does not come easy for me at all – this girl LOVES TO EAT. Fasting one tiny little meal is a big deal for me. Asking God to give us both the strength – physically and mentally to follow his nudges and to seek Him. Thank you for sharing on this topic!


  6. Starr! Girl I’m callin you out for this one. Lol
    I’m a day behind everyone. But the Holy Spirit whispered to your heart and you listened.


  7. Diane,
    I understand so well about reading the word and everyone around me seem to hear back from The Holy Spirit but me. And I like you start to question the IF’s. But today I was reading my Greg Laurie’s devotional and it was on 2 Corinthians 12:7-9 and here it speaks about the thorn in Paul’s flesh. What I had never seen before was that Paul said it was given to him! So the messenger of satan could buffet him. “Lest I be exalted above measure.” Now not knowing what that Thorn was? Maybe that thorn was? We can all put a name on it. But then Paul, Kenny, Starr, Diane, Kay, Tara, Karen ,Brian,Deb, Melissa, Freida, sorry not to leave anyone out. Cried out unto Jesus asking for that Thorn to be removed? I like how the translation for verse 9 And Jesus said to me.(Paul) I’m not removing this Thorn this time! I’m giving you ME! I’m giving you MY presence, and That is MY answer to you! So no! There’s no sin, and if we are keeping our journals then we can see he’s speaking to us even through the word. Maybe out Thorn is we want it our way? Or it’s one of Satan’s messengers sent to buffet us. Thanks for the time. Sorry for the babble!


    1. I absolutely love this perspective! Thank you for sharing with us, Kenny! And it’s great to see you back in the comments as well. And you didn’t babble at all 🙂


  8. Boy I sure am glad to see everyone else is doing two times too! I am setting the alarm to get up even earlier I was thinking that my house caused a distraction but I think that was the devil giving me doubt- my house needs to hear me pray! Fasting will be hard for me but I am willing for changes in my life and my family.


    1. I so agree on that part about my house needs to hear me pray. I have realized that my own children have never heard me cry out to The Lord in prayer. That needs to change. That needs to be normal in my home.


  9. It is wonderful hearing how many of us are starting our day early with The Word and ending with our hearts and minds on our Lord and Savior. I know without a doubt that God will honor our dedication and commitments to change our habits in order to grow closer to Him. To God be the glory, forever!


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