Day 18: To Pray or Not to Pray

I don’t know what you have been circling for the past forty days or forty weeks or forty years. I don’t know if you’ve gotten a yes, a no, or a not yet. You’ve got to praise God if the answer is yes and trust Him if the answer is no. If the answer is not yet, you’ve got to keep circling. It’s always too soon to give up! What other option do you have? To pray or not to pray. Those are the only options. (pg 106 Draw the Circle)

Ya’ll. Just stop.

A few observations:

#1: How many times have I failed to praise God for the Yes answers He’s given in my life? OUCH.

#2: How many times have I fully said, “I trust You, Lord” when the answer was no?

#3: How many times have I just given up when the answer was not yet?

I want to praise, trust and pray. All of the above.

To pray or not to pray. Those are the only options. And way too many times I have taken the option of not to pray. Not anymore.

We are 2 days from being half way through this journey and I am changed. Changed in a way that my soul is stirred. I don’t even know what for, but it is stirred. There are still so many things in my life that are in that “not yet” category. So that means I have a whole lotta circlin’ to do. And I need to get refocused.

Honesty moment: The past couple of days (Mon and Tues) have been tough for my appointment times. I have allowed myself to stay up WAYYY too late the night before. And I still get up at stinkin’ 6am. And I’m sick. I. Have. Been. Sick. For. Like. 5+. Weeks. And. I. Am. Sick. Of. Being. Sick. *cough *cough *hack a lung *hack another lung

Okay, enough of my pity party.

I haven’t given my complete attention to writing or diving into prayer like I’ve wanted to. I can’t stay awake. My priorities have been on other things. And I can tell that my tone is slipping with my kids. And my temper is short. And I am struggling to focus.

//Really, did you notice how short my update was for yesterday???// I could not keep my eyes open and I was making up sentences while nodding off. It was very dangerous. I had to stop myself before I hit publish on something ya’ll would have totally made fun of me for!!!

THIS is where I need to be. Spending quality time with Him – not while nodding off. I’ve also been thinking all day about writing. And topics to write about. And I took time to paint, which always makes me think (super scary when I think…another story for another day). πŸ™‚

I feel the need to exhale. Today is 1 Word Wednesday and my that’s my word: EXHALE.

And part of exhaling for me means getting some sleep. It’s before midnight and I’m out – ya’ll will be reading this tomorrow anyways!

Do you have 1 Word for Wednesday? Share it with the group below. You don’t even have to explain, just give us a word!

Praise, trust and pray. Let’s do this, friends.

35 thoughts on “Day 18: To Pray or Not to Pray

  1. My word for today is redo. Thank God for redos! I have needed to redo alot this week. He forgives and forgets and let me start over everyday! Today is a new day! Happy Wednesday. Lets pray! That’s for me.


  2. Sometimes God will push us to our absolute limits (pg, 105). Starr, you have taken a lot of people almost halfway into the most intense & rewarding study I have ever experienced. As you read our comments you can see how we have all reached a point in our lives where we want more, more, more, all we can get, of God. Lives are changing as we circle . My prayers are not just words anymore, but I am really having a one on one conversation with God. He has truly become my Heavenly Father like never before. God Bless you for your 6:00 am study time with God and sharing with the group. The word I need to really put my focus on is TRUST. Trust in Him for everything.


    1. 6am is not pretty, Diane!! Hahah. But I am learning so much on this journey. I’m honored that each of you are taking this journey with me!! Love you, keep circling.


  3. All I have to say is I can so relate to Starr and Melissa Shue! My attitude with my daughter has not been the best… My tone is slipping too! And Melissa, I’m with you sister… thank God b/c His mercies are new every morning… I need a redo very often!!! So thankful for this group of circlers! We can do this!


    1. Together we can do all things. God gives us challenges even in our children and we will overcome!!! Keep your held up and thank God for redos!


  4. Trust!! I wanted to tell this earlier, but time was short. Again, I relate a story from our school chapel yesterday. This nine weeks, the chapel leader is focusing on faith and trust. This chapel is for 3rd-5th graders, so the concepts taught are very simple…(oh, that we would focus too on the simple lessons from God). A video showed “God” and a lady. God kept asking if she trusted him…yes, yes, she did. She was told to turn around and fall back. After several start/stops, she finally falls backward and is caught by God. Then he tells her to turn and face him. He asks again if she trusts Him….”yes, yes, God, I do…you saw me fall, yes, in everything I trust you,” she kept reaffirming her trust. He then tells her to fall backward. She doesn’t understand, “but, I’m facing you,” she says. Again they go back and forth, he continues to ask if she trusts Him…she finally walks away without falling backward…the curtain opens just a bit more. An angel waits to catch her. A simple but very strong message. EVEN when there seems to be no way…He STILL says “Trust Me”. I want that unrelenting, infallible, “outside the box” kind of trust. As long as it takes…I may not see answers in my lifetime, but…STILL I will trust Him. Thanks to Starr for bringing us on the amazing journey, I’m starting to know my Savior and Lord more and more…Trust…Faith…ALAT…Keep circling, fellow journeymen.


    1. Oh my goodness. Aunt Debra – let’s write a book together!! GREAT story to illustrate faith and trust!!! Keep sharing with us, we ALL look forward to your comments!!! Love u!


  5. Starr so glad to hear you are still struggling with your appointments. I am struggling really bad and mine are at night. Trying to stay focused or trying to not doze off while I read has been a real challenge and my appointment is at 8 pm. I know why God has given my this time. I don’t know how to linger, pause, slow down or relax. I know this is what He is trying to show me and I am not a great student. I have a list and I am trying to get it done. I tell myself always just one more thing then I can ……but there is always one more thing to do. My word for today was Peace. God’s that passes all understanding.


    1. We ALLL have struggles, Karen! Don’t think that this is easy for anyone! If you ever do, think about my Aunt Debra making 18 laps around her house at 5am!!! Love you!! And God is teaching us both to linger.


  6. For me this is a leap of faith. It doesn’t matter what happened yesterday or what might happen tomorrow. God was, is and will always be with me. I’ve always expected God’s presence in times of sorrow, sickness and loss. When I realized that there wasn’t anything too small for His attention, I was relieved!!! BUT I’m definitely a work in progress..


  7. My word: persevere. Has this been a hard week for you? It has for me. The devil tries to sneak in and lie about how we should get instant answers and rewards. No. Just no. God is who He says he is and can do what He says he can do. It’s all in His timing. Push on my friends. Persevere. It’s been a hard week for me but I will choose to believe God. I will NOT get anxious or discouraged. I choose to Wait on Him. Eyes and ears open to what He is teaching me in this season.


  8. Aleque, thank you for reminding me that I choose to get anxious and discouraged. The pressure that I’ve had at work over the last year has pushed me to be anxious and discouraged. I need to remember more often that I don’t have to take junk from the devil. I am a child of The King. I need to start acting more like it!


  9. So I am still here, still pressing on! I had a conversation with Kenny after choir practice that Has stayed in my mind for days now. We were talking about circling and he said picture your walls of Jericho and put what you are circling in it, in my case a baby, he said to put that baby in there and start circling it, look up bible verses on healing, faith and trust and start writing them down to go back to. I am amazed! I know my dream is a very difficult one and it will truly take a miracle to make it come true, so sometimes I do get discourage and feel like giving up, this is impossible God, but I need to keep going back to my verses about Sarah and Hannah and how they were healed! Just gotta keep praying!


    1. Megmeg – I am so encouraged by your walk and how God is speaking to you. Your miracle will come – in God’s time, in God’s way. And until then, we will keep pressing on and circling. You are loved and I am honored to call you friend! Love you!


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