Day 17: ALAT

I’m not praying ASAP prayers; I’m praying ALAT prayers. As long as it takes. I’m going to get in my prayer circle, and I’m not coming out until God answers.Β  (pg 102 Draw the Circle)

How many times have I prayed for things to happen in my own selfish timing? Hundreds.

I want to shift from ASAP to ALAT prayers. Lord, change my heart. And my intentions.

I know that You are never early, never late – and ALWAYS on time! Help me to operate on God’s time instead of Starr’s time.

Lord I bring every single person on this 40 Day Challenge before You. I ask for You to move in their lives in ways they can’t imagine. Show up and show out, God. Help us all to do our job: To plant the seeds and water them in prayer. Then God, allow us to let You do Your job: Make it grow!

Fill each of us with a hunger that can’t be satisfied until it is in You – giving ourselves completely over to Your ways and Your timing.

Help us to grab hold of the horns of the altar – and not let go!

Happy Tuesday, friends.
Happy Circling πŸ™‚

And keep up the comments! No matter what time of day – morning, noon or night, I LOVE hearing from you!


8 thoughts on “Day 17: ALAT

  1. Its the prayers you pray when you feel like you want to quit praying that can bring the greatest breakthrough (pg. 101). This is so true for me, oh how this has opened my eyes. When I become discouraged and see that He has not answered in my time I begin to wonder what else do I need to do. I search for any unconfessed sin I may not have taken care of. Out of desperation I fall on my face and pray like I mean it, guess you could say I pray crazy. I CALL out and remind Him of His promises and claim it. I call those things that be not as though they were. Now as I will pray boldly ALAT.


  2. I have one of many things I am praying for that I want fixed like let’s say yesterday. But from today’s reading, I don’t know that I would give God ALL of the glory if it were fixed right away, on my time. I would think, “yea, I prayed that and I fixed it because I prayed.” I don’t want to take any of the credit. I want to give God ALL the glory when he answers this prayer. Today I will pray ALAT. AS LONG AS IT TAKES, LORD!


  3. I don’t want to take anything for granted! When we are blessed day after day, I sometimes tend to pray for that perfect place in life. I don’t want perfect, I just want more balance. God can and will make a way. I seek his will in my life. I so enjoyed the choir CD on the drive back and forth from work today! It’s a long commute so over and over I played….holiness, holiness, is what I long for….and….take me back, take me back to the place where I first received Him…


    1. So mom pointed out that my comment reply didn’t post πŸ™‚ your comment about not taking anything for granted…we certainly learned that today for sure. Prayers for a dear friend in our church family that passed away unexpectedly this afternoon. And also, yes – balance. So true!


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