Lord, surprise us. (pg 94 Draw the Circle)

Yes, that’s my prayer too! Along with: “Lord, make me uncomfortable.”

Prayer adds an element of surprise to your life that is more fun that a surprise party or surprise gift or surprise romance. In fact, prayer turns life into a party, into a gift, into a romance. (pg 97 Draw the Circle)

I’m finding this to be very true in my life.

God has surprised me recently in the area of TIME. We all have the same 24 hours in a day and there never seems to be enough time to get everything done. I’ve found that since I’m devoting my early mornings to God in prayer and His Word, my hours seem to multiply. It’s pretty crazy, actually.

There are things on my to-do list that I’m finally able to accomplish. My productivity has soared. I’m more responsible with how I spend my moments in the day. It’s kind of like I’m on God’s time instead of Starr’s time – and His time is making my life SOOO much more manageable. I said manageable, not perfect! Don’t think I’m super mom by any means, there’s still umteen loads of laundry upstairs to do…And, I still stay up wayyy too late, ya’ll! I gotta get more sleep, I tell ya!

Ecclesiastes 8:5 says it like this:

Those who are wise will find a time and a way to do what is right, for there is a time and a way for everything, even when a person is in trouble.

Lord, make me wise and teach me how do what is right. Help me be on God’s time, not my time. Surprise me throughout the day with Your divine appointments.

How about you?
Tell us in one quick sentence how God is surprising you on this journey – big or small.

I would love to hear from you in the comments below – Don’t be shy 🙂


15 thoughts on “Day 16: SURPRISE

  1. Surprised by how great Austin is doing in college, studying, finding a church and being responsible and lastly surprised that I’m doing okay too-haven’t cried in weeks! Praise Jesus!


    1. Hello Marilyn!! Those are great surprises indeed! Asking God to continually work in Austin to be a light and to start a fire in Him that overflows into his friends. May he be the Godliest influence and may God work amazing things through him! Amen!!


  2. I am surprised by how easy I have found it is to take an extra minute and listen to a person who needs me to HEAR them and witness to them. I never found it easy to show jesus to anyone unless I was in church. Wow has God turned my world upside down. I have even found my self praying on the side walk on my way into work once. I want to be bold. I want God to put those appointments in front of me and me see them all the time. When I listen it blesses me as much as it does the other person. I want the Lord to continue to surprise me. For Him to up in ways that I would never expect and show me the miracles of life I was overlooking by not slowing down.


    1. Melissa, I just love watching how God is moving in your walk with “communication”. God is teaching you so much and it is impacting the lives of everyone around you! I love that God is turning both of our lives upside down! I want to be bold with you!!


  3. I’am surprised how God in his timing not mine,shows his unfailing love in my life.
    How he has heard my every need and cry unto to him. His is so Faithful even we can’t see the light. I’am so thankful that I never gave up on him. I’m starting to see Gods hand move again!! Yes Lord Surprise me ❤️


  4. I have been doing fasting quite a bit throughout this study and have found it to not be as hard as I expected. I believe that it is the praying that is getting me through the hunger without me being obsessed by the hunger throughout the day.


  5. Look at all these new faces in the comments!!! Love heading from y’all – keep it up!! This is a beautiful thing to help each other and encourage our little community 🙂


  6. Each day speaks to me as though it was written just for me. My spirit has come alive and I actually feel God’s presence as I read and pray. I talk to Him all day, everywhere I go, He’s truly a part of my being. Sometimes my cup runneth over. I asked the Lord today to surprise me, I want that Holy surprise he has up His sovereign sleeve. He has a surprise for each of us and it is more magnificant than we can imagine. I’m praying and waiting for mine to come and also praying and waiting to hear about yall’s. Soooo glad to be part of this circle. Love you Starr


    1. I’m behind on replying to comments 🙂 love love love hearing from you Diane!! I feel the same about things being written just for me too! Love you!


  7. Starr,
    I never thought the response today! So for me this is a Blessed Surprise! And encouragement that the Holy Spirit is listening and moving in and among this MIGHTY circle of believers.


  8. I’m surprised that I’ve been able to stay on track with my appointed time. The quietest time of day for me is before bedtime. Even if I check the blog or read the chapter in the morning, I save my prayer and journaling for this time in the evening when nothing is rushing me. I’m looking for God to surprise me in such a way that no one will doubt that it is God! Can’t wait!


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