Day 15: Let Go & Let God

Prayer is the way we let go and let God. (pg. 89 – Draw the Circle)

Today is another Sabbath. I encourage you to do one thing at some point today:

Set aside an hour to just sit and give it all to God.

No interruptions.
(Put that blasted phone in another room.)

No rushing to take care of other people.
(Let them all nap. Turn on a movie for them. Put in a frozen pizza.)

No stressing about your never ending to-do list.
(The laundry can run while you sit with God. The dishes will still be there and no one but you cares. The errands can wait for an hour.)

One less hour of sleep will not deprive you today. It will not. I’m claimin’ it. For myself.
(Sunday afternoon nap, I rebuke you.)

I’m just gonna sit and bask in His Word. I’m gonna linger awhile with our Father. I’m gonna talk to Him.

If you are reading this and you think you’ve failed at this 40 Day Prayer Journey because you’ve fallen behind, or maybe you never got started in the first place…

Do you hear me?

The enemy wants you to think you’re a failure and that you’ve missed out and messed up. No. Just no.

Pick yourself up and start reading. Open your Bible. Start crying out to Jesus. No matter if you are on Day 1.

No one here is going to judge you. THIS is the most important thing you could ever do for your walk with Jesus Christ.

And I am a living testimony that He is faithful to stir your heart in such a way and start a fire in your bones that can’t be contained.

Just sit for awhile with Him today. Make it a priority.


Talk to Him like He’s your best friend.

And if you struggle because you get up at the crack of dawn and you keep accidentally nodding off while you pray…then get up for goodness sake and start marching around your house. That’s what I’m having to do people!!

This stuff ain’t easy. This journey won’t come without sacrifice. These bold and crazy things could change the path of your life, forever.

Let me assure you that every single one of us is fighting a battle (or 2 or 3 or 4 battles at one time):

When we hit our knees, God extends His mighty right hand on our behalf. When we pray, He fights our battles for us. So keep fighting the good fight, but let God fight for you. (pg 89 – Draw the Circle)

I want more than anything for God to move in your life. I have been praying over every single one of you – by name. Your name is written in the back cover of my circle book. I don’t know what everyone needs or what everyone is praying for, but God does. And He listens when I call your name. And He is faithful. And today is your day to let go and let God. I believe it with all that is inside of me.


14 thoughts on “Day 15: Let Go & Let God

  1. Starr,
    I believe if everyone in the circle would leave
    One comment every day on here. Whether it be hello, good morning, goodnight, or help! It give a push to those times when the fight is hard and our MINDS are confused at times. A.k.a. That was me at the beginning. And keep this family circle grow stronger as 1 in Christ Jesus! Leaving NO ONE behind! As the Army would say! And we are an Army!


    1. YES! I agree Kenny. I love hearing from y’all. It encourages me and also helps me know how to pray!

      A few clarifications on commenting on this blog: someone asked me about the “website” field that it gives. This is not required. This is something for other bloggers – if they have a website, they could put it here and people could click over to their blog when they see their comments. Just leave this blank.

      Also, it does ask for your email, but this is only to make sure you are a human and not a computer hacking away. Your email is not visible for anyone and you will not be added to a list of any kind. Your email will not be sold to put on any marketing lists. So just know it will stay private.

      I hope to hear from more of you πŸ™‚


  2. I have to agree with Kenny on this one. I am truly motivated by everyone’s comments. It lets me know that I am part of that army, that others are seeking His face with me. Getting up and hitting my “circles” everyday is not the easiest thing to do (ESPECIALLY when you’re not a morning person). I DO know that I’ve never felt the presence of God like I have the last fifteen days. I wake up thinking and singing (in my mind) about Him, it continues as I walk.. all thru the day, I catch myself remembering something I read in “Draw the Circle” or my Bible. With His help, this is going to be the normal for me…for the rest of my days! I WANT to know Him more, I WANT Him to abide with me continually…and hopefully others will see Him thru me and will WANT some of that!! That is my prayer today…that this will spill over into the lives of everyone around me! Thanks AGAIN, Starr…Love you!


  3. Persistent!! That is my word for today! That I be persistent in my prayers so that I don’t give up and miss a breakthrough, blessing or answered prayer. Keep pushing!


  4. I agree with Kenny! Even if we just check in to tell everyone that we are praying for each other, we will all be that much more encouraged. I’m like Debra….because of the support of this group, I believe my walk with God will never be the same. I’ve been reading the Circle Maker this weekend. I don’t want it to end. I will be praying for all of you this week. P.S. Sorry for those of you who don’t live in the neighborhood, Karen just delivered warm banana bread to us who live here. She makes the best in the world! I am blessed to have her as a friend and sister in Christ!


    1. Oh mom, no you didn’t tell everyone else that we got Banana bread from Karen πŸ™‚ And yes, reading the Circle Maker book is a GREAT thing! Highly recommended to everyone if you haven’t gotten it yet. Click on resources in the menu section of our blog for details on where to get it. Or let me know and I can order you one πŸ™‚


  5. I have now started a second journal. One I write down all the requests, the people and situations I bring before our Savior. The second one is me talking to Jesus and things I want to remember. Like the last line on today “prayer is the difference between you fighting for God and God for you”. How great is that? God doesn’t need me to fight for Him. That was profound for me. I need to let God do His job and me mine.


    1. Love the idea of 2 journals, Karen! And yes – Him doing His job and us doing ours. That goes back to a few days ago about seeds: we plant and water – He makes it grow!! And did ya’ll catch Lovelle talking about watermelon seeds in Sunday School this morning??


  6. I think each of us need to contact a couple of the members we’ve not heard from….the support from this comment section is invaluable. I SO look forward to sharing. Starr, I spent my hour with the Lord this evening. It was GORGEOUS weather outside. Cool with no humidity and a little breeze. I sat outside prayed, read Draw the Circle (couldn’t stop myself…read a little ahead), read in Proverbs, Jonah, and Ephesians, wrote in my journal and just looked about and marveled at God’s creation….the trees, the birds, the beauty, God is good, ALL the time. All the time, God is good! See you all tomorrow!


    1. I’m sooo glad you spent some extra time with Him today! Isn’t it so refreshing? Indeed. Absolutely – I agree with reaching out to some of the ones we haven’t heard from. If you know someone else in the group that you haven’t heard from – give them a call or text to see how they are doing. Maybe they need an extra bit of encouragement along the way. And I also realize that some people may not want to comment, and that is totally ok! We will keep using it and as long as it helps you, join in too!!


  7. I am truly seeing God working in my life through this. My prayer last night was to let go and let God have his way! I feel him everywhere I go and I find myself having conversations with him all the time now. I can’t wait to see all God has in store for me and everyone else!


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