Day 11: Watchful

I’m not sure about you, but I pretty much underlined the entire chapter for Day 11!

With every sentence, it was like my being was jumping up and down saying, “YES, YES, YES! That’s exactly what I’ve been feeling these past 10 days!!”

Have you ever noticed that when you pray, coincidences happen? And when you don’t, they don’t. It’s more than coincidence; it’s providence. (pg 69 – Draw the Circle)

I want to be like the watchmen that he talks about in the Old Testament – the best vantage point, seeing what no one else sees, seeing things before others see them. I’m convinced that prayer IS the difference maker in my life. It changes me. It changes my perception. It changes my mood. It changes my entire being. It spills over into my family, my friends, my work.

Why did I wait so long to discover this?

If only I had understood how much effort I wasted over all these years trying to make life work on my own – not devoting the time and attention to seeking God first. I let too many excuses and ‘I’ll do it tomorrow’ conversations in my head get the best of my life. I lived by striving to control it all – and I failed, miserably.

This is our season. The call to prayer is upon us. And I’m learning more everyday that prayer is more than just words spoken to God…

We often think of prayer as nothing more than words spoken to God, but maybe it’s more than that. Prayer is not a monologue; it’s a dialogue. We speak to God with everything from words to groans to thoughts.  And God speaks to us through dreams, desires, promptings, impressions, and ideas. (pg 69 – Draw the Circle)

Earlier today I spent some time lingering a bit in the Word. I flipped open my Bible to the book of Psalms and started praying the words on the pages. I underlined in my red pen, I went back and forth over the emotions that pour from the lines. There are so many references to crying out to the Lord. That is where I want to live.

But I will call on God, and the Lord will rescue me. Morning, noon, and night I cry out in my distress, and the Lord hears my voice.

-Psalms 55: 16-17

Here is my prayer over our team for today:

Lord, move in the midst of every single person on this journey to seek You. God, you have some of us in the thick of some REALLY tough situations. Give wisdom to the friend that is ministering to a teenager with a scheduled abortion this week. Give strength to the family with a son that needs rehab treatment. Wrap your arms around the young mom and son that are moving on and healing in the aftermath of a marriage that didn’t survive. Give provision to the college student that just moved across the country from his family to seek Your will for His life in Bible college. Stir the souls of those that we love the most that are the furthest from You. Restore relationships that are beyond our ability to fix. Most of all, I ask that you make us the watchmen. Help us to see what others around us can’t see. Help us to notice the divine opportunities and miracles that are ever present in our lives. Remove our spiritual cataracts. Amen!


9 thoughts on “Day 11: Watchful

  1. I woke up extra early this morning (coincidence?) and so I’ve had time to linger, with my mind going back and reflecting on all our focuses for the past 10 days. I’m going to work today with a watchful spirit, looking to see what dreams, desires, promptings, impressions, and ideas God will bring to me as I seek his will in my life – more now than ever. I will be lifting the group in prayer, that within us revival will break loose and spill over to others in such a way that our friends and family start asking why we are so filled with God – asking what is making us act so different.


  2. I ANTICIPATE each day…I can’t wait to get to my reading and Starr’s comments. God is changing ME. I have a totally different outlook on life. I’m with you, Starr…WHY did it take me almost 60 years to realize I CAN’T DO THIS ON MY OWN?? I’ve got so many thoughts this morning, I don’t have time to put them all down…yesterday in chapel at school (I teach at a Christian school :), the leader was talking about faith. She told of a tightrope walker from the mid 1800s. His last name was Blondin (goggle him). He not only tightroped across Niagara Falls more than 300 times, he would do ridiculous things while doing it…carrying someone on his back, walking on stilts, or stopping in the middle to cook an omelet. One day some government leaders came over from England to see his show. After several trips across, he asked one of the visiting leaders if he thought he could push someone across in a wheelbarrow, “YES, YES”..said the man. “Get in,” said Blondin. The man would not get in. He asked for volunteers from the crowd, no one…finally a little bent-over lady from the back of the crowd came forward. The crowd gasped. “I’ll do it”, she said. It was his mom. She was the only one who knew her son well enough to put her faith in action. I want to be like her!! I want to know my Lord so well, that there will NEVER be any hesitation about “getting in”. How about you? Will you get in the wheelbarrow?


  3. I agree…I have tried to be in control and let others do my my praying for me…well that doesn’t work at all!!! I am seeing things over the last 10 days that I didn’t know were there. More importantly when the doctors say no, God says Yes! Miracles! Life! In ways I have never seen God. Ministering in ways I didn’t know God would lead me. I want to follow him where ever he leads. I want to be faithful.I want be watchful. I want to see miracles!!! 🙂


  4. Starr I see so may things come together right now and confirm each other. Reading this chapter and the comments brings me back to the study we did from Lysa Terkeurst book What Happen When Women Say Yes to God she say that pray” God I want to see you. God I want to hear you, I want to know you. God I want to follow hard after you. Even before I know what I will face today I say yes to You”.this is my new daily pray into pray journal.


    1. Karen!! I have been praying that same exact prayer every morning. That is one of my all time favorite prayers that will stick with me always. She also has a prayer for her children that I use: Lord, make my children the Godliest influences in their sphere of friends. Lord, help them to make wise decisions. And when they don’t make wise decisions, help them get caught and learn from their mistakes. Lord, give them a heart for You. Amen!!


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